How to cover metal bed frame

How to cover metal bed frame? Every step you are looking for

Metal beds are pretty cheap yet durable. Plus, they save a big amount of our money. But the metal itself is the core problem. It destroys the whole decorations of your room because it never looks amazing, especially with an attractive mattress and bedsheet. So, one of the effective ways to avoid this problem is you have to hide the metal frame. But how to cover a metal bed frame?

Well, there are lots of ways available to cover the metal bed frames. But, what is the most effective way to cover metal bed frames? I am well experienced, faced this problem, researched on this topic, and finally got a good solution. Today, I will explain the process to cover metal frames. So, keep reading the content.

How to Hide Metal Bed Frame?

The easiest way to hide the bed frame is by using a skirt. But truly, it is very common and doesn’t look so cool. So I wouldn’t suggest it. However, later on, I will explain some guide on this method but before that, I would suggest the best way to do it. Create a wooden frame around the metal frame and surely it will look awesome and attractive. Plus, it’ll also work as a box spring cover. Let’s get the steps to do it.


Before we get into the main process you need to gather some materials. Here I am providing the list of tools we need to gather for creating the wooden frame.

  • Measuring tape
  • Plywood
  • Saw
  • Chairs
  • Drill Machine
  • Screws
  • Spray color
5 steps to Hide Metal Bed Frame

Step 1: Measurements

Before creating the wooden box you need to know the measurement of the metal frame.

So take a measuring tape (a bigger one) and start measuring from the width. Then measure the length and the tallness of the bed from the floor.

I would suggest rechecking the measurements to get the perfect data. Take a note so that you won’t mess up while creating the wooden frame.

Step 2: Measure the Wood

I think plywood would be the best option. So first you need to gather some large pieces of wood.

Now get the measuring tape and set the wooden piece. After that, place the measuring tape on the wood piece. Make accurate measurements and mark them using any pencil. If it doesn’t look visible, use any marker or ball pen to put a more visible mark.

Perfectly mark the width, length, and height, and this step is over. However, one thing to keep in mind must leave some spaces between every platform when you put the mark. Otherwise, you will face problems while cutting the plywood.

Step 3: Cut the Wood

It is the most important part of the process. Here you need a saw to cut the wood. However, if you are an amateur, I won’t suggest you do it. However, if you have experience with using a saw, then you can try it.

However, if you’re not cutting it, then you can go to any nearby wood mills or furniture store and ask them to cut it according to the measurements.

And if you are cutting it, then take the wood pieces on two chairs and carefully cut them according to the measurement. If you’ve any partner with you, then take the help of him/her.

Warning: As I mentioned before, it is one of the most troublesome parts of the operation. So must remain concentrated while cutting the woods.

Step 4: Assemble the Parts

You’re done with cutting the woods. But now it’s time to assemble them. To do so, first get a drill machine and start drilling where you want to install the screws. Drill small holes and insert screws. Secure it, and the frame is done.

Make sure you are familiar with drilling. A little mistake can destroy one of the wooden parts. So then you have to prepare the part again. If you are confused, then call for a mechanic to complete this operation.

Now you know where to assemble and how to assemble it. You have to figure it out, considering the size of the metal frame and bed size.

Step 5: Color the Wooden Frame

Now the wood won’t look too good. In one way, it looks the same annoying and disgusting as the upholstered bed frame cover. So it’s te to decorate it. To decorate it, you should paint the wooden frame.

I prefer using spray paint. But don’t mess while painting. Moreover, you should take a look at the other furniture in your room. I would suggest matching the colors with most of the other furniture.

After painting, let it air dry. By that time, don’t let the kids surround the frame. By any chance, if the color mixes up with anything, you have to paint it again.

Hide the Metal Frame with Bed Skirt

Another way to hide the metal frame is by using a bed skirt. The bed skirt covers the bed metal and presents it more aesthetically. It not only presents beauty but also helps to keep the bed clean for a long time.

Very often, we put a lot of things under the bed for storage which loses their beauty when displayed in front. In that case, skirts are beneficial. It can be any fabric or foam.

Setting up the platform bed skirt isn’t any big hassle like the wooden frame. Here learn how to cover the metal bed frame using a bed skirt.  


First, I am providing the list of the equipment you just need to cover the frame.

  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Velcro
  • Upholstery pins
  • Glue gun
  • Hot glue
Hide the Metal Frame with Bed Skirt

Step 1: Measurements

First, measure the tallness of the bed from the floor using a measuring tape.

Step 2: Cut the fabric

Now take the fabric and cut it according to the measurements. Must keep 3 inches for hems.

Step 3: Hem the Edges

Now, before sewing, you have to hem all the edges of the fabric. Make sure that you fold it in the raw edge.

Step 4: Attach the Layer 

Now use the hot glue and glue gun and create gathers. To do so, overlap the layers of the fabric together. You can also use upholstery pins to attach several layers together.

Suggestion: You can also use a readymade bed skirt if you want. You will find a good collection in the nearby shops or on Amazon.

7 Bed Skirt Alternatives to hide metal Frame

If you’re not interested in a bed skirt again and don’t want to use a metal frame, you have to look for alternatives. Luckily, instead of bed skirts, there are many alternative ways that will cover your bed metal more attractively. So let’s go check it out.

1. Fitted sheets

You can buy fitted sheets with beds from the market which will cover the bed up to the spring. In that situation, you should choose a sufficient size. Sheets of 15 inches or more are available. However, it would be wise to purchase a dark color sheet as it will also cover the spring color. As a result, it won’t be necessary to purchase a normal skirt.

2. Curtain

There is a kind of curtain or window valance-like bed cover that will work great as an alternative to a skirt. You can set the bed yourself by setting the size for it. For this, you need to install it with easy pins. And you can make it as small or as big as you want. Besides, it gives a cool look to the metal cover of the bed.

3. Sticker & painting

Many people think that using a skirt is a bit old-fashioned. So to avoid skirts, you can follow some alternative ways. Again many people are not willing to buy curtains, foam, etc. In that case, the bed metal can be presented nicely through the sticker. Some aesthetic stickers will make your bedroom classy.

You can also get rid of the hassle of cleaning a separate skirt or something else. If you want, you can increase the decoration of the bed with stickers by matching it with the wall color. And in this case, if you want, choose a sticker that is easy to remove from the metal. You can also paint if you want, which will keep traditionalism away. Again, you can present Spring brilliantly. And its beauty will attract others.

4. Padded materials

As an alternative to skirts, it is often used. Many have bed box systems, and padded material is very attractive to cover these box system metals. Pads made of soft fabric or foam can be purchased to cover the box springs.

Although it is expensive, it decorates the room more beautiful. You can purchase it by matching it with other decorative pieces in the bedroom. In many cases, there is a possibility of bumping on the sharp-edged part, but since this cover is soft, it can be avoided.

5. Wrap cover

Using a wrap cover next to the bed skirt changes the traditional look of the skirt, which presents in a much more stylish way. And when using it, there is no need to lift or remove the mattress while attaching the skirt.

Bedsprings, metal parts, frames can be covered using this wrap cover. Even things kept under the bed can be hidden. If you want, you can put an elastic band on the cover so that it can be easily removed and reattached.

6. Make your own bed skirt

One can easily make a bed skirt on top of one’s own style test by adjusting to one’s bed. It can be made separately from normal market bed skirts. You can wear your favorite skirt in it. You can even set up a skirt with a bed cover by adding some simple designs with old bed sheets, sheets, curtains, etc.

Size problems often occur, but self-made covers do not. It also saves money as well as you can enhance the beauty of the house by using old things without throwing them away.

7. Flat Sheets

If you buy a large bed sheet from the bed, cover it up to the bottom of the bed. As a result, the springs and frames of the bed are automatically hidden. If you use a flat sheet, your bed will be covered with metal without any hassle. Bedsheets are available in different colors, sizes, and designs.

One can choose his favorite bed sheet. As a result, you do not have to spend extra to buy a cover or skirt. It will save money as well as the bed can be presented nicely in a small amount. The bed mattress will not be dirty Will be clean and safe. Even this mattress can also be covered with a bedsheet.

So, by following the Alternative Way, you can refrain from using traditional skirts and specialize the beauty by presenting the bed aesthetically in the room.

Can you cover the metal frame of the bed?

Surely, you can cover it, and there are different ways. In this context, I have already explained different ways step by step. Please check the steps and you’ll find several ideas to do it.

Can I paint the metal bed frame?

Yes, you can paint it, but I wouldn’t suggest it. It is better to create a wooden frame first and then uses spray paint on the wood. It looks far better and suits perfectly. Plus, if you want, you can match the color of the other furniture with it.

Will a bed skirt cover the metal bed frame?

Yes, it can cover the metal bed frame. You have two options to do it. For the first one, you can create the skirt manually. The second one, you can purchase any readymade bed skirt and then adjust it according to the frame size.

Will the wooden frame harm the original Frame?

No, there is no risk of harming the initial metal frame using any wooden frame. Instead, it will protect the metal from outside dust and others.

Final Verdict

So, now you know several ways to cover a metal bed frame. Mainly I have discussed two different ways, and there are also seven alternatives I have suggested. However, the best thing is to use a wooden box. But if you’re preparing this frame, then you must be careful while cutting the woods and assembling it.

However, there are also a few more ways to hide it, but I don’t think they would be effective to do and look stunning. I hope you have got the answer to the question of how to cover metal frames reading this content.

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