How to disassemble a bed frame? 4 tricky solutions and steps

Buying a new bed is okay, but do you know it is essential to understand how to disassemble a bed frame?

Now, your mind may pop up with the question, why? The reason is if you can disassemble a bed frame, it will be easier for you to clean the floor, and fixing a bed frame will be trouble-free; it is a straightforward thing. When we go to our new home, at that time we generally do this.

However, today I would like to talk about taking apart a bed frame as many people are interested to know how people can easily take apart a bed step by step. Without any further ado, let’s see the correct way to disassemble a bed frame.

For disassembling a bed frame, you only need the right tools, such as different types of screwdrivers, Allen wrench, hammers, and pliers- these are tools needed for removing.

Some of the simple steps for taking apart a bed frame are:

disassemble bed frame

1. First, you need to remove everything such as sheets, clothing, pillows, bedding, phone, or dolls from your bed. Keep all the things in the storage areas.

2. After removing the basic things, remove the mattress or innerspring. If your bed is attached to a box spring, remove it. From your mind, the question may arise what do you need to unfasten them? You know, mattress and box spring are pretty heavy.

So, it will be arduous for you to disassemble the bed frame. You can keep all these in plastic bags or any protective bag made of any fabrics; it will help you keep the accessories clean and tidy. And by mistake, if any parts of the bed are broken, you can use tape.

3. Now, it is time to unfasten the headboard and footboard. Detaching a headboard and footboard is not too difficult; you can do it by using screwdrivers. There are several screws, as some of them are slight, and others may be massive. If you remove the big one, you can use a designed screwdriver and a small one for small tools.

If you are not professional movers of bed, it will make little difficult for you to do this. Moving furniture can be challenging.

4. The next step is you need to take apart all parts of the bed pallets. You know, there are different shapes and structures of bed frames. So you need to follow some rules which will be matched to that bedstead you want to unfasten.

If you have an ordinary bed frame, you can remove the bolts and screws with simple tools. If you wish, you can operate your task with an electric screwdriver. The last thing you should do is to keep all the screws on one side and put the nails or bolts slowly into the holes of the bed frame.

How to cover a metal bed frame?

You know, metal can conduct electricity. For your safety, please cover a metal main bed frame adequately and make your metal frame stylish and colorful. To cover a metal frame, you can use any fabric, sheet, or whatever you like. But some good things will beautifully wrap your metal bed frame. So let’s see what those items and processes you can use for doing it are:

  1. Use heavy-duty and long-lasting paints
  2. Use bed skirts
  3. You Use different styles of cushion 
  4. Use more oversized comforter or big-sized pillows more than two
  5. You can cover your metal frame with a wood
  6. Foam pool noodles
Heavy-Duty and long-lasting paints:

If you cover up a metal frame, you can use some heavy-duty, durable colors to hide the metallic nature of the beds. You can use any colors you like, and applying these paints will reduce the chance of getting an electric shock, and also, it will last your bed with no rust.

Do not let the moving blanket touch the paint. If you apply some pigments to your bed, remember you should not use them immediately. If you sleep it on the first night, the color will cling to your hair and clothes. It will take time to dry and wait for at least 72 hours. Do not put mattresses until it is dried.


Bed-Skirts is a kind of dress that helps to cover up the body of the bed. For example, Your bed is full of rust and did not get time to paint. But you want to hide those flaws in a minute. All you can do is buy classy and colorful bed skirts. It will alter the entire outlook of the bed.

You can put a frame in between the box spring and mattress, and remember to tug all the extra fabrics that are facing outward. After doing this, you can put some different big shapes of stylish cushions and pillows to hide the metal bed frame. Most beds can be covered up with Bed-Skirts.

Oversized comforter:

Keeping an oversized comforter will help you to hide the metal frame. Always choose a comforter that is bigger than the original size or length of the bed. The extraordinary power of hiding is to drape it into the mattress, so no steel or metal things can be from outside. 

Wooden board:

There are many different types of wood that are mixed with other components which look shiny, smooth, and velvety. You can use a wooden board to cover the metal frame. None will understand that your bed is made of metal, haha! Keep the mattress properly so that no metals can be seen.

Foam pool noodles:

If you have children or older adults at your home, it will be a fantastic idea to put foam pool noodles around the metal bed. It does not only help you to hide or cover up the metal frame, but it also gives protection from the sharp edges of the bed. 

How do you remove slats from a bed frame?

Various types of beds have dissimilar types of slats. So the removal method may vary. Some of them have box springs, and others may not. The tools required for removing slats are Screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, pliers, and other devices.

Some of the processes of eliminating slats from the bed frame:

1. First, you have to unfasten the footboard and headboard using screwdrivers. Removing all the parts of the bed will be easier for you to remove the slats or rails.

2. After that, start to remove the slats or rails one by one. As they are bulky items, carefully do this. For removing slats, use slightly thin screwdrivers. Take out the nails or nuts from one part of the slats.

If you think the hole is small, you can enlarge it using a drill machine and lift the old one, then put in the new one. Keep doing this. When it is done, remove all the slats on one side and fix a new one. Secure tightly with a screwdriver.

If you do not have all the tools at your house, you can help the bed fixers. If you think you can not do this at home, you can take essential service from the experts.

How to fasten a headboard and footboard to a metal frame?

Attaching or moving a decorative headboard and footboard to a metal frame is relatively easy, and it takes a couple of minutes to do this. There are many decorative headboards in a metal frame. Bunk beds generally have simple headboards and footboards.

Let’s know about the four simple steps to fasten a headboard and footboard to a metal frame. I’m telling you the most straightforward process so that you can do it in a relaxed manner.

First process

The first step is to put the headboard leaning on the wall, and the footboard should be on the opposite side of the wall or leaning stand. Take the measurements of rails at the right angle of the bed. And the height of the rail should be faced externally of the bed, and the breadth of the bed should be met internally. Now you have kept the fence in the middle of both vertical and horizontal lines.

Second process

Now, you need to lock up the rail using a screw or nails firmly. If you do not fix it tightly, it may fall. After that, you need to pull the sideways of the center rail of the bed. Following the locking mechanism will help you secure the slats. Do this repeatedly until all the parts of the rails are firmly Attached. Keep all the things at rest.

Third process

After fixing the slats and rails, now it is time to fix the headboard and footboard using screws tightly. There should be no gap among all the parts of the bed frame. Rearranging the footboard and headboard is almost similar. The headboard is comparatively heavier than the footboard. So ensure you have tightly fixed them. Gently force the rail to the downside onto the nuts or nails to make sure that they are locked up properly.

Fourth process

The last step is to check all the parts of the bed. Repeat the exact process on the other side, which is the footboard. Use screws to secure them properly. You can take services from the experts if you do not know how to disassemble or fix properly.

If you have any questions about the disassemble bed frame please feel free to contact me. And don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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