How to fix an electric blanket

How to fix an electric blanket? Perfect ways to solve problems

Wanna know the process to fix an electric blanket? Don’t worry. Let me guide you on all details of the new heating blanket.

An electric blanket contains electric heating cables. They usually come with a control device that controls the amount of warmth the blanket provides. They can be used to warm aid in cold temperatures.

There are wires attached to the blanket, which heat up when power is switched on. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat positioned on the blanket’s control pad.

When your electronic blanket turns suddenly cold when it is supposed to be warm, please don’t put it away yet. There are some steps and tips to fix an electric blanket. That may resolve the problem of your modern electric blankets.

Le’s dive in some extra and interesting facts.

Why do electric blankets stop working?

Like all products, electric blankets can be unable to function properly. This is typically due to the prolonged use of blankets that are longer than five years. Due to all the wear and tear that comes from the constant use of the blanket, they generally expire after five years of usage.

There are other elements that could cause an electric blanket to fall off is the interaction of wires in the blanket with liquids and electrical issues like the absence of grounding, as well as the tear of the fabric that protects the wires may be considered.

Electric blankets, the preferred choice for those who wish to be warmer during cold winter days, are functional and very secure. Because of the electric blankets, the bed will always remain warm, meaning you don’t need to warm it up. When the blanket’s electricity is utilized correctly, it will allow you to rest safely and comfortably. This means it will continue working even if you’re using it. How do you use the blankets with electric power and fix an electric blanket?

The first step is to unpack your electric blanket, then lay it on your mattress. After that, place your sheets over your electric blanket. This protects you from coming into contact with the blanket directly. Connect your electric blanket to the wall outlet half an hour before going to bed. Unplug your electric blanket right upon entering your mattress.

The electric blanket shouldn’t be used during sleep. The electric blanket keeps you warm in the cold weather. It runs for a half-hour before going to sleep. The temperature control panel on the electric blanket can be used to set the desired temperature. The energy gathered by your blanket will help you feel warm at night because of the thermal channels.

Is it possible to repair an electric blanket?

Knowing the reasons, we talked about and taking the recommended actions for each could solve your blanket. However, you should be aware that learning to fix an electric blanket implies that you’re at risk of unfixable problems. You must determine the reason for the issue before attempting to fix it, which could further harm it or place you in a dangerous situation.

If you are unable to fix the blanket in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and it could mean further trouble and buy a new blanket instead. However, if the issue stems from loose connections or damaged wires, this is how to fix your blanket.

1. Unplug the blanket, and look for any cables that may be cut off.

2. Repair the damaged parts and then try plugging the blanket to see if it can be successful.

3. If you’re not sure how to deal with the blanket components or fix the electric blanket, you should seek advice from a professional.

How Long Do Electric Blankets Last?

You can anticipate the life of your blanket for at least ten years. The blanket will indicate its expected lifespan, and you should replace it when it reaches that amount. You can be sure that it is suitable for use during this expected timeframe without having to worry about poor performance or electrical or fire threats.

How to fix a Home Electric Blanket

You can repair your electric blanket at home by simply determining the cause of the issue, examining your cable, or employing another circuit. But, always check the instruction manual of your device since different blankets have different suggested troubleshooting. If you cannot resolve the issue, you can contact the manufacturer’s customer service.

1. Examine electric blankets

Before taking any action, you should inspect your blanket first as the problem might not be that serious. The most typical reason it’s not heating up is a loose connection. Unplug the blanket and examine all cables and components, specifically the control unit.

Try opening the control unit to determine whether all the components inside are working properly. The thermostat might also have loose connections that you could fix the electric blanket with a tight screw. Also, take note of when things are sticking out on the blanket.

2. Inspect the connection

After having examined the blanket and checked it for any issues, you should check all the connections. It is possible to utilize a multimeter using the control cord and the plug to determine if the cable is in trouble or if the blanket is short-circuited. The meter should show zero or less; otherwise, the power cord needs replacement if it is reading high.

3. Use another circuit

Another possible reason why the blanket isn’t working is the blowing fuse resulting from overheating or hot areas. If you experience frequent power surges, this could result in blowing, and you’ll need to reset the fuse inside the control box for the blanket.

Be aware that it is connected to the circuit that controls the blanket; therefore, you’ll be able to fix the electric blanket by placing it in a different circuit when you connect it to another outlet on the wall.

It is important to be aware that this test, explanations, and solutions may not work for certain electrical blankets. You may require replacing the product entirely and never try to repair it to ensure your safety. Also, you can determine whether the blanket is in warranty and could have it replaced right away.

How to Examine an Electric Blanket

Follow these actions if your electric blanket isn’t working:

Step: 1

If you want to fix an electric blanket, First, you must disconnect your blanket and inspect the entire blanket. A portion of the controller or bead might be pulled out. This means that the blanket isn’t receiving enough heat and power. To keep the connections intact, you must redevelop all connections.

Step: 2

Ensure the blanket doesn’t have any metal objects or pins attached to it. This could trigger a shock when you switch the switch on. If you notice any metal objects within the blanket, remove the metal object and create a hole by fusing it.

Step: 3

You must use an instrument to ensure that the cord isn’t damaged or damaged by short circuits. Connect one multimeter pin to the plug and the other end to the cord connector.

If you see zero readings on your multimeter while checking continuity, it is in great condition. The cable should be replaced if the reading is abnormally high.

Step: 4

If you notice that the fuse is blowing, you have to reconnect the fuse to the box that controls the blanket. The power surges could cause hot spots, or overheating, which can cause the fuse to blow. If the fuse is blown repeatedly, there are many components on the circuit that are connected. Install the blanket into an outlet in the wall on a different circuit.

Step: 5

In this process, you must unlock the thermostat using an instrument to check for loose components. It’s likely that the thermostat isn’t working properly if the blanket doesn’t perform for you. Make sure that any weak connections inside of the thermostat are tightened.

Step: 6

If you can’t pinpoint the cause, you can replace your heating blanket. A new blanket is less expensive than replacing the old one, in many instances.

What Should You Know To Use An Electric Blanket?

If you know how to use it, you shouldn’t fix the electric blanket. After you’ve used your electric blanket, don’t fold it. The folding could cause problems with electrical circuits.

  • The cables for heating and the control cords should not be pulled apart. Because of this, electric blankets are not to be used in adjustable beds and sofa beds, and not even on folding chairs. The cables can be damaged and pinched.
  • The use of water is also prohibited on your mattress. The electric blanket is sure to stay far from water.
  • It is strongly advised that unwell persons or in pain do not use electric blankets. They will not only cause discomfort but can also trigger vomiting.
  • Make sure your electric blanket is not in close contact with penetrating or sharp objects. The friction of threads or scratches could destroy your electric blanket.
  • Since you won’t get adequate airflow, do not apply any cleaning products to wash your electronic blanket. Cleaning chemicals can also cause damage to your heating mechanism.
  • The heating mechanism can also be damaged if ironing your blanket with an electric iron.

In the end, you cannot perform normal tasks with an electric blanket. However, it can be heated very efficiently. It is recommended to apply the electric blanket as per the guidelines. Make sure to use the mains voltage as per the specifications. Make sure to keep your blanket dry. Also, avoid any behaviors that can lead to accidents.


Take into account electric blanket repair is required in the event that the heater wire is damaged or the connection has been tightened.

Before you can repair your blanket, you must first identify the root cause. Because sometimes it is time-consuming to fix electric blankets.

We explained how to repair an electric blanket at home in this article. If you follow those ideas, you can fix the electric blanket.

If the blanket still doesn’t heat up, ask the supplier for a replacement or repair.

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