how to fix mattress indentation?8 easy hacks and methods

Are you worried to fix mattress indentation? Don’t worry!!!

Mattress indentations are natural effects of everyday use that occur over time. Mattress indentations are prevalent because mattress materials wear down or are damaged with time. So if you learn to fix mattress indention, you don’t have to buy the new mattress immediately.

Indentations in the mattress can cause sleep difficulty as well as other problems. Mattress indentations may form at the hip or shoulder regions, particularly in those who sleep on their sides. But if you are able to fix the indentation in your mattress, it will enhance your sleeping quality.

Here I will discuss eight about how to fix mattress indentation so that you are free to stay away from poor quality sleep. There are some bonus tips for you. 

So dive in for in-depth information.

What Creates Mattress Indentations?

The sagging problem can be seen in particular mattresses, generally in the shoulder and hip pain. Memory foam, coil springs, and polyfoam mattresses can cause more indentation than other mattresses. 

A small dent in your mattress might not be as much, however, it could impact the alignment of your spine or pressure relief. In time your sleep quality and physical health may suffer due to a lack of sleep due to a mattress that has sunk.

Eight simple things to fix mattress indentation

How do you fix a mattress’s indentation: I’ve listed eight easy things to try. These are a variety of solutions that you can pick up and test without cost, all the way to various accessories that you can purchase to help support your mattress better.

1. Turn Your Mattress

Do you realize that most mattresses need to be turned (turned about 180 degrees, not turned across) every 3 to 6 months?

This helps the excellent mattress wear equally. If you haven’t turned your mattress for a long time, most likely, the best method to address indentation in your mattress is to turn it to see if it aids.

However, this could be a temporary solution for you. When you rotate your mattress, it back to the point, you began at, and you’ll be still in the saggy region.

2. Make Your Bed Base Stronger

Is your mattress being dragged down by your base? This could be a specific issue with slat bases when the slats have been placed too spread apart to support your mattress correctly.

Some mattress manufacturers will require a minimum size for the slats to be separated, and anything more than that could even void the warranty!

A practical method to strengthen the bed base is to cut pieces of plywood to the size of the base, then place them on top of your mattress. This creates a smooth and sturdy base for a good mattress.

I actually have a ply on my bed due to the fact that we currently have an old platform base that is too big to fit any bed. It’s great! We’ll buy a new bed frame in the near future, and until then, this one is great for us.

3. Purchase a Mattress Topper

As the name suggests, the mattress topper sits over your good mattress.

They are typically made from natural latex or memory foam. Besides, it can also serve the dual function of providing additional support and helping to level out your mattress’s indentations. Toppers for mattresses are the well-known solution to indentations on the mattress for those who want to increase the comfort of their mattress without purchasing a new mattress.

A firm mattress topper is ideal since a soft one may just be able to line up precisely into the sagging mattress areas.

4. Examine Your Mattress Warranty Claim

This is the first thing I’ve mentioned since it’s something you’d expect to be easy to do. Still, very few people practice it if your mattress complies with the requirements of a warranty that you are able to place it back with the manufacturer’s behalf to make it right for you, without needing to look for other solutions that aren’t as good.

A lot of mattresses have an extended 10-year warranty. If your mattress is flailing before the warranty has run over, I’d suggest you go through your paperwork or check the website of the company to determine whether they’ll need to fix your mattress or, even better, to replace it.

Indentations on the body are generally stated very clearly in mattress warranties and policies, so make sure to check. A good mattress manufacturer will determine that your mattress is defective if it has body impressions that are 1 inch or greater. They’ll typically request photographs of this, which isn’t easy to locate, so ask someone to assist you in taking pictures.

5. Clean Your Mattress

You might have believed that the use of vacuums to bed mattress vacuum cleaner was only for keeping it tidy (which is an excellent idea to extend its lifespan). However, vacuuming your mattress will help eliminate bumps and lumps that may have formed on the mattress.

If this isn’t able to stop any sagging areas on your mattress, cleaning it will help prolong its lifespan.

6. Get A Mattress Helper

High-quality Mattress helpers are another item you can place under your mattress to solve your mattress’s sagging. It extends across the length of your average mattress. And it can also be a more straightforward solution to cut up chunks of wood. 

It’s also cheaper than purchasing an additional mattress. If you’re trying to purchase a solution for your mattress, a mattress helper may be the right choice.

7. Fix Mattress Indentation With Cushions

Got spare pillows? Here’s a trick to test:

  • Find out exactly where the most severe sagging is happening.
  • Find an individual who can raise the mattress
  • The second person puts the pillows onto the base, placing them directly beneath the hanging

The pillows must fill the gap and decrease the sliding. I believe this can be a temporary solution for the mattress’s sliding (those pillows will likely be flattened in the near future); however, it may be a good option if you’re uncomfortable.

8. Obstruct those slots

Apart from buying a mattress frame that’s new, there are a few simple DIY solutions you can apply to give it more stability.

The most awaited and simple method is strengthening with one or two layers of plywood. Cut a piece of plywood 2 to 3″ thick and then lay it on top of wooden planks.

As a mattress cover, it will help to distribute the burden, focusing on getting away from the areas that are sagging the most.

Some bonus tips to fix Mattress Indentation

Expert Repairs

Another long-term solution to mattress troubles is to replace your mattress’s foundation. A piece of plywood placed under the mattress or installing a few slats will not last forever.

Temporary Solutions

1. Invest in a mattress topper

2. Block the slats with plywood or cardstock.

3. Flip or rotate your mattress

4. Redistribute the pillow-top filling

How to Avoid Mattress Indentations

  • Turn and rotate your mattress frequently to ensure that you’re using each square inch your mattress
  • Alternate your preferred side of sleep at times, especially If you’re a back sleeper, take a look at to sleep on the side, and reverse
  • Make sure you have a cushioned mattress cover and mattress protector to ensure your comfort and to extend your mattress’s life by keeping it clear of debris and dust

Is Your Memory Foam Mattress Sick?

Perhaps you can try talking to it or offering it tea?

I’m just playing a joke – but it’s not actually.

Memory foam mattresses placed on a frame that isn’t strong may sag as time passes. This is due to them needing air to bounce back in the event that your weight isn’t directly on the mattress.

A bed frame that is blocked stops air from returning to the bottom. This can lead to sagging and an indentation at the top.

Just by removing the mattress, putting it up, and letting it breathe and breathe, you could be able to see it fully recover.

If you have a memory foam mattress you’ve been trying to fix, I’m sure that your eyes are glowing at the moment. This is the uncomplicated and effective way to go. It’s also highly efficient and completely free. Jackpot!

Can Mattress Indentation Be Beneficial?

Perhaps the answer is Yes!

A slight indentation or sagging could be helpful. The keyword here is tiny.

A minor sagging can benefit those who sleep on their sides by providing cushioning to your shoulders and hips. It could also be warmer on the memory foam mattress that has some indentation since the mattress wraps around you slightly.

In general, in the case of sagging or indentation, it’s terrible, horrible, awful.

It can be painful. It could create tension in some regions of your back. This can cause pressure that lasts up to 8 hours and repeats each night.

In addition, coils that are stretched out are more squeaky, and that’s not good.

An indented mattress can also be hotter. Tight coils aren’t equipped with enough airflow, which allows warm air to flow escape from the bed. The same is valid for memory foam. Its compressed form can trap heat, making things hotter and hotter all night.

Is it time to refresh your mattress?

It is highly recommended to study the different life spans you can anticipate for every mattress. This will allow you to determine whether the indentation can be worthwhile to repair or should completely replace the mattress. For instance, the coil spring mattress could last for up to five years if it is maintained with maintenance.

It is still possible for it to shrink over time, especially after a few years. It’s possible for it to occur quickly when using low-quality metal coils. However, memory foam mattresses could take as long as ten years before they need replacement. But, they are susceptible to sagging because the viscoelastic compounds used to make them can lead to the mattress losing its shape within three years or sooner.

A different mattress that is commonly found in the market is made of polyfoam, and it is likely to lose its shape faster than other mattresses. However, good quality ones are expected to last for three years. In addition, mattresses made of latex tend to shrink after four years but last as long as ten years.

Final verdict

I hope now you got the knowledge to fix mattress indentation. This quick guide has provided you with a few answers to your problem.

A little elbow grease and imagination can breathe new life into practically any old mattress. And we all know an uncomfortable mattress gives us poor quality sleep.

If you know of any other method to fix mattress indentation, please share it with us in the comment section. 

I appreciate your time and consideration. I hope you have a relaxing night’s sleep.

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