How to keep an air mattress warm? 8 secret methods

Do you struggle to keep the temperature of your air mattress? I ask you that question because I faced a problem when I was trying to mattress warm on air. Then I thought I would find the best solution. And after researching, I gather some methods to keep warm the new air mattress.

Air mattresses cool faster than ordinary beds, so if the weather is chilly, you may struggle to stay warm and comfy. This is particularly relevant for campers in areas with colder temperatures. Sleeping will be difficult if you can’t warm up in cold weather.

In this article, I will give you that knowledge and a few tricks so that you can also keep enough temperature on a mattress in colder weather. I’ll go through some of the strategies you may take to remain warm on your air mattress in the sections below.

Let’s dive in.

Is it cold to sleep on an airbed?

Airbeds can be cold to rest on, particularly if they are placed on the ground. Your airbed can lose temperature through the floor if it is cold. You will feel colder when you use the mattress.

Airbeds are thinner than traditional mattresses. The material used, such as vinyl or plastic, will not block cold air from the inside. Airbeds may cause your body to lose warmth due to cold air being in contact with your body. The mattress’s temperature will determine how cold the air is inside it.

Why am I getting so cold resting in an air bed?

Air mattresses are not thick enough to keep your body warm against the cold, so you feel cold when you sleep on them. You’ll feel cold if you don’t insulate the mattress. It will get as cold as the temperature outside. It’s best to follow the five tips and keep your mattress off of the ground, especially in the winter months.

8 methods to keep an air mattress warm

We’ll be listing some techniques that you can use to keep your air mattress warm. All of these are practical techniques you can benefit from. These are only one of many ways you can make use of and profit from.

Make Use of a Heating Pad

Some people are concerned about using a heating pad on your air mattress as they believe it will permanently damage the foam. Is this true or a myth?

A heating pad can be used on an air mattress in a safe manner. It would be a good idea to remember that heat can cause the foam to react, but it won’t actually destroy it. The heat will make the foamless efficient and weaker than it is supposed to be. We recommend that the heating pad not be directly applied to the foam.

The heating pad should be placed on top of the body, not underneath. This gives you the benefit that heating pads do not be directly in contact with your mattress. It will be quite safe. The foam will also provide enough heat to keep you warm in the winter. Heating pads are inexpensive and widely available.

Use a Space/Emergency Blanket beneath the air mattress

You can also place an emergency blanket or space under your air mattress. This is a great tip for campers who want to spend their nights outdoors. Space blankets are constructed from heat-reflective plastic.

This blanket can reflect heat back to your mattress. You’ll still feel the heat, even though your air mattress has cooled. The heat is transported back to your air mattress.

We recommend purchasing a Swiss Safe space emergency blanket if you’ve never bought one before. The best and most efficient emergency blankets are made by Swiss Safe. These blankets will work if you are looking for heating methods.

Put a Wool Blanket Under the Mattress

You can also place an emergency or space cover underneath the mattress. A wool blanket may be placed underneath. This is a great option for campers as 100% wool is the warmest material. Wool fibers are also very compact, so they trap heat and can reflect it back to you.

A wool jacket will keep you warm and toasty. This is true for a wool blanket. The wool blanket is similar to an emergency blanket but offers more warmth. This is the reason why we believe it’s a great choice for outdoor usage.

Wool blankets trap heat so you can keep an air mattress warm. This blanket is often used by campers in cold conditions and outdoors when it’s not too cold.

Two blankets should be placed between you and the mattress

All of the above-mentioned methods require that you purchase something. What if the cold is bothering you and you can’t get to the store to purchase a blanket or heating pad? Maybe you are already out in the woods and don’t have a space blanket.

You can use two or more blankets to cover the mattress in these situations. These will not work as well as the previous methods, but they are useful in situations where you don’t have as many pieces of equipment.

Purchase a Self-Inflating Thermal Rest

If you are looking for camping equipment, a self-inflating thermal bed is another option. This is a self-inflating thermal bed that is similar to a large sleeping pad but with high insulation.

This can be placed on your existing mattress or in your sleeping bag. Although it may feel uncomfortable initially, you will soon get used to it. You shouldn’t have any trouble adapting if you are camping.

Make use of Tatami Mats

Although it may sound strange to use a tatami rug as insulation, they are actually quite effective. One of these 3-inch high-density mats can be purchased and used with an air mattress.

They are very comfortable and fall somewhere between soft and firm. You can find tatami mats in most Japanese shops these days. Many places sell tatami rugs online.

Use Anti-Fatigue Mats in conjunction with a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep warm on an air mattress. You will need two anti-fatigue mats with a density of about 1/2 inch and a memory foam mattress topper measuring 2-inches.

Place the anti-fatigue mats onto the mattress and then cover them with the mattress topper. You will have a comfortable and warm bed that you can sleep on, as well as the heat you need to keep you warm outside. Although it takes some time to set it up, it is well worth the effort, especially for campers on a budget.

Use a Sleeping Bag

We suggest that anyone who is camping brings an overnight bag. Even if you have an air mattress, you might find it too cold to be comfortable enough for you to fall asleep. If that happens, you can always pull out your sleeping bag to sleep in it.

This is one scenario that could occur in the event that you do not have the tools or the time. If you’re inside during the cold winter months and do not have a heater, this game can be played indoors.

You can make yourself comfortable by pulling up your sleep bag. Insulation is not an issue with most sleeping bags made from thick material.

How to keep an Air Mattress Warm during cold winter temperatures while camping

To effectively stay warm when making use of an air mattress, you will need to create a barrier of insulation between you and the mattress.

It’s possible to do this by a variety of methods. Simply select the option that you prefer!

Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather

There are a variety of kinds of sleeping bags, but they are the same. Certain models are specifically designed to be used in winter camping or winter use. The Coleman Mummy bag, for instance, was made to be used at temperatures that range from minus to 10 degrees F!

 It’s a great solution to shield your body from a cold air mattress, making you warmer in a more pleasant way. And If you usually take a sleeping bag when you go camping, you don’t have any additional gear to carry around!

Foam Sleeping cushion

Installing an insulated sleeping pad, also known as the mattress topper, over the mattress you have is a fantastic option to keep an air mattress warm. You’ll get the most effective of both worlds Comfortable air mattress and the insulation qualities of the mattress for sleeping. Additionally, you’ll receive the highest rating for R-values from a foam mattress.

Blankets in excess

The idea of putting blankets on top of you and the mattress is another way to make it more effective with items you probably have around. The method to use here is to make blankets of a warm and well-insulated material which means you don’t have to carry as many with you on your camping excursion.

Topper for Thermal Air Mattress

Another solution that works is to utilize the thermal air mattress or mattress pad over an air mattress. The metal insulation reflective of the mattress is made to absorb the body’s heat and help keep your body warm naturally. It’s not a separate item to have, but it will keep you warm against the chilling air mattresses beneath.

Dress in Extra Clothes

In addition, wearing extra layers of clothing will shield you from cold mattresses and will provide warmth during the night. And when you’re planning an extended camping trip, you’ll be able to put on the extra clothing you’ve brought. 

Wear warm socks and gloves to retain heat because these parts of the body are where the majority of heat loss occurs.

Heater Pad

Though I’ve not ever heard of an air mattress that is heated, there are heating pads made for use in camping. They can be tucked in a sleeping bag that could provide the most heat and keep an air mattress warm. 

The disadvantage, of course, is that they’re powered by batteries; however, this might not be a major problem if you’re able to connect to a source of power to charge the battery (a small battery that can be carried around can also work).

 If you plan to camp in the wilderness for long periods of time, it is not advisable to depend on the airbed. In addition, if your airbed is susceptible to condensation, this may not be the ideal option.

Final thought

I don’t think now you face problems on a cold night. Right???

Sleeping on an air mattress may be excruciating. But, if you adhere to the guidelines given in the article, it’ll turn into a relaxing sleeping experience. This article has taught you numerous simple ways to improve your sleep quality when sleeping on an air mattress.

Everybody can keep their body heat in cold weather. You can also make an air mattress warm. If you have any problem maintaining body heat, you can tell in the comment below.

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