How to keep centipedes out of your bed

How to keep centipedes out of your bed

Can you imagine anything more unpleasant than having these insects about you as you sleep? And wanna try to keep centipedes out of your bed?

The majority of people confuse house centipedes as their relatives, which are considered to be evil and hazardous to humans. In actual fact, there’s not much they can do, aside from the terrifying look that you get on the face of those who lay your eyes on them.

If you’re wondering how to keep centipedes out of your bed, then you should really follow a few easy methods to eliminate centipedes.

What Brings Centipedes to Your Bed?

House centipedes have a way of about them that favors warm and cozy temperatures. If you’re regularly getting unwanted guests at your home, this is a sign that your home is a comfortable setting for them to reside in.

Centipedes also are able to find food in warmer environments and their most popular hangout spots. If your home is warm, that implies that there’s plenty of food available for them to eat and flourish.

You’re probably wondering what they are eating, right?

The centipedes primarily feed on other insects and tiny insect species, including bed bugs. Silverfish, moths, worms as well as flies, and other species. When the situation gets direr, they’ll consume other centipedes. They are commonly located in warmer areas and this could mean that there’s plenty of them.

Usually, when you encounter centipedes, it’s a clue to other pest issues which may have gone unnoticed by your eyes up until this point. It’s like a two-way street. If you see one, you’re sure that others are in the next corner.

Is it true that light keeps centipedes Away?

The power of your lights can help keep centipedes out. But this can only work as a temporary solution. If the lights abruptly turn off, centipedes quickly retreat into their deep wall cracks and hide out in other hiding places. This is why you shouldn’t let any damages remain untreated for too long. When you notice all the gaps, seal them to ensure that pests can’t hide.

What’s the deal with the centipedes in the house?

Before you take any steps to remove centipedes in your home, it is essential to determine precisely what caused them to get into your home. In the beginning, the warmth of your home is among the most frequent reasons that centipedes can be able to enter your home.

Centipedes are known to abandon their open spaces in the winter months and seek out cozier and warmer habitats. When they move into a more hospitable environment, they can also guarantee food availability to them.

If you’ve noticed the centipedes circling your bed, It’s likely because they’re attracted by the warm and comfortable temperature you’ve created in your bedroom.

If there’s any humidity in your home, the centipedes are likely to be drawn to this naturally. Another reason that centipedes could be attracted to your bed is due to an infestation of roundworms.

Bed bugs are tiny insects who like to hide in the mattress. They generally consume blood.

They will be visible on your skin in the evening. And then suck up your blood before disappearing to the dark corners. The roundworm could make life difficult for you, which is why it is essential to eliminate the issue in the shortest time possible.

A Bed bug problem isn’t going to be straightforward. It all depends on the severity of the infestation.

If the infestation is in an advanced stage, the alternative is to eliminate the mattress or the bed in its entirety. If there is a bed bug infestation, it will provide a constant food supply to the centipede.

Because of this, centipedes are likely to be very attracted to your mattress. They are seeking food.

Other than roundworms, the other insects that the centipede will likely consume include spiders, moths, silverfish, roaches, flies as well as worms. If you’ve got one or more of them inside your home is likely to draw centipedes.

They usually construct their nests beneath the bed because homeowners don’t take care to clean their beds for several months.

One of the best things that could be done to prevent centipedes in your home is to get rid of the bed regularly on a daily schedule.

What Exactly Are House Centipedes?

A house centipede can be described as an arthropod, one of the genera comprising insects, as well as millipedes, home centipedes as well as Arachnids (spiders) as well as crustaceans (such as lobsters). The house centipede first appeared in the Mediterranean. However, it is now located across Europe, Asia, and North America.

It is equipped with 15 legs, with the longest pair being near twice the length of the body in adult females. The centipede undergoes six larval molts and four adult molts before becoming mature. Females are able to live for a long time and give birth to as many as 150 offspring. They usually stay in the dark during the day and then go out in the evening to hunt for prey.

Some interesting methods to keep centipedes out of your bed

Remove the Moisture

As we’ve discussed that house centipedes are typically attracted by areas that have little or no humidity. Many people utilize humidifiers in their rooms to help prevent sinus problems. However, it is essential to know that it will likely draw other pests, like centipedes, into your bedroom.

The insects are attracted by the naturally moist air and are likely to seek out areas with a warm, humid environment which is why your bedroom is an appealing option. There are various things you can do to prevent dampness from entering your bedroom.

To keep centipedes out of your bed, the use of air dehumidifiers can be a good idea. The dehumidifier’s job is to draw all the air from your space, eliminate the humidity and then release it to the atmosphere.

The purchase of a top-quality dehumidifier that is of high quality is a great idea that will save much money otherwise spent on tackling these pests.

A lot of pests prefer locations with higher amounts of moisture. A top-quality air dehumidifier does not just give you assurance of peace of mind; it can also cut down on the amount you spend on pests from time to time.

Use an air dehumidifier to assist you in getting rid of the extra heat in your house

As we’ve previously mentioned house centipedes are attracted to moist and warm areas because of shelter and food. This means that removing the dampness should be top of your list of things to do. This means you’ll have to examine the other locations in your home as your bed isn’t the only spot they’re present.

Your mattress is merely a way to tell you that the problem may be much more extensive and grave than you thought.

However, you can also make use of a dehumidifier in order to draw away the excess moisture from home. The process is straightforward. In the beginning, it will draw into the humidity of the house and then remove the wetness of it, afterward releasing it into the air.

There are various causes to consider this method first. It’s also more efficient over time because it can make sure that your space becomes resistant to the activities of centipedes. Additionally, you don’t need to invest a lot of money to find experts to look into areas that you think other methods may not be able to cover.

This is a set-and-forget type of method. It means that you won’t have to incur recurring expenses for a specific time. For instance, pest control businesses could charge you monthly fees for periodic inspections and activities to control pests.

There are a variety of qualities of dehumidifiers to be thinking about as well as in cost. It’s your budget that will decide what kind you purchase; you should think long-term.

What does it mean?

Here’s the deal. Instead of buying a humidifier that will be out of service within a few months or even a few years, think about buying one that doesn’t leave you feeling of shopping for a new one anytime in the near future. In most cases, the value you’ll gain from them will be worth the price as you conduct your research to make sure you’re getting a good deal and not a flimsy bargain.

Repairing Cracks

Another way to deter any kind of pests or insects living in your home is to find their entry points, then make sure to seal them off. The majority of insects that invade your home are typically attracted by tiny cracks in your windows.

It is crucial for you to ensure that you inspect every crack in your house before sealing them in a proper manner. It will not only prevent the entry of more centipedes, however, but it will also stop spiders and other creepy crawlies from making their way into your home as well.

It’s a fantastic way to proceed with the house and find the tiniest of cracks. Most often, holes and cracks are located in the vicinity of window frames and other gaps. It is essential to patch them up.

Any type of sealant is likely to work and ensure that pests aren’t able to get into your home.

If you are suffering from a pest problem in your home and want to eliminate it, this can be not easy. Most times, the house centipede present in your home will be extremely difficult to find and destroy.

Here are some strategies you can get rid of centipedes.

Install Bathroom Fans

This procedure is excellent for removing excess moisture from your home. Bathroom fans will stop the buildup of moisture in the bathroom as it is among the top frequent areas for centipedes.

They also deter the spread of other pests and insects that feed on centipedes. If you can eliminate the food source for them by removing the source of their food, you’ll drastically reduce the likelihood of your house or bed getting infested with centipedes. If there’s nothing to feed them, they love to look for something else.

This is a double-thronged approach that can solve a variety of other issues other than centipedes. Install bathroom fans can aid in preventing mold and mildew and also safeguard your fixtures from excessive water.

Make use of pesticides

It is possible that when you are able to spot the problem, it has already gotten out of control since the number of centipedes is uncountable once you get to the point where you need to consider poisoning them with an insecticide.

There are a variety of insecticides on the market that you may utilize to accomplish this aim. Once you have decided on the one you are interested in the most, ensure to read and follow the directions included with the insecticide.

Use caution when using insecticide, as it could be dangerous to yourself or your family members. If it’s toxic to insecticide, you can be sure it will be a hazard to the health of humans. In any case, make sure you be sure to follow the rules carefully to ensure you’re not taking risks.

Contact a Pest Infestation Control Company

It’s usually the last option after having tried everything and have disappointing results. You may also think of this as the most effective option if you find the problem after the problem has already spread and none of the other options have appeared to provide a quicker solution.

A lot of pest control companies will set up an appointment for you so they can understand the specifics of the issue you require them to address. Based on the service company you choose, the appointment could be scheduled via phone as well as in person. However, many prefer to begin with an initial phone call, following which they’ll send an expert team to evaluate the situation in the field and make suggestions based on the severity of the damages.

The quote will follow that. If you accept their conditions of service, they’ll begin the process of eliminating centipedes. Another benefit is why pest control is superior to numerous other alternatives. Because they suffocate your home and surrounding areas entirely, the poison can eliminate other bugs which could have caused you insomnia.

Once you’ve completed the fumigation, it’s going to last for a few years before your house will require a second treatment. It’s affordable and provides fast results.

Catching and Raising Centipedes in the Open Air

You may be thinking If these creatures aren’t any health risk. Why should you be antagonistic to them? That’s you?

There’s no need to take them out if you’re not confident about the idea. Instead, you could choose to get them out and let them go to an area where you are sure that they won’t be able to find their way back to your home or go into another.

However, this approach is only effective in the case of a few of them that you’ve encountered in your mattress. This is likely to be the case when you’re experiencing this issue right at the moment it’s beginning.

Once you’ve removed the handful that you can find in your environment, they’ll thrive without causing any harm to humans, and it’s recommended to spend some moments in order to “sweep” your house and ensure that there aren’t any lurking in some obscure space.

Set up obstacles to keep them out of your house.

If you’re looking to prevent centipedes from entering your bed, make sure to prevent them from entering your home right from the beginning. It is possible to do this by creating an enclosure outside of your home which makes it more difficult for insects to get through. The barrier can also include insect repellent and insecticide.

The line you select could be one of a chemical or natural pesticide. Make sure you choose a product that has lambda-cyhalothrin to act as an active component, as it’s suitable with the other pesticides and can have an effect over the long term on insects, including centipedes. If centipedes walk across the surface treated, they die, decreasing the chance of them getting in your house.

It is also possible to use natural repellents like peppermint oil or cayenne pepper.

Install Sticky Traps

Installing traps with sticky surfaces is another method to rid your home of centipedes to ensure they do not appear in your bedding. If you decide to use this option, you should place traps in areas where centipedes are most likely to be located. These include the basement as well as other crevices and corners within an apartment.

It is important to remember, however, that traps are not always successful. Centipedes can escape by releasing some legs. They’ll be there after the day.

Eliminate Clutter

The clutter inside and out of your house provides a favorable environment that insects breed in, consume and even hide. Even if the insects aren’t centipedes, they are likely to attract them because they feed on centipedes.

Thus, it would help if you eliminated clutter inside the home as well as outside. Therefore, make an effort to wash your gutters, eliminate your garbage, shake out the bedding, and tidy your home on a regular basis.

Prevent them from getting in by using essential oil

In Malaysia, Essential oils are commonly used to treat aromatherapy but did you know it is also employed to fight off centipedes.

Centipedes have two antennae which makes them extremely sensitive to smells and be cautious around areas with smells that are strong. A couple of drops of essential oils around the windows, doors, or any entranceway will suffice.

These will act as invisible barriers to stop pests such as centipedes from entering your house.

Execute them immediately

Centipede infestations of this size are rare, and the majority of people will only encounter a handful of centipedes living in their homes.

Their numbers are generally tiny enough that you might be able to rid yourself of them simply by killing insects that you spot them. Unfortunately, baby centipedes are extremely quick, making this generally more challenging to accomplish than it is.

If you manage to capture centipedes, you can eliminate them by spraying them with insecticide or using the old-fashioned method of hitting on the animal. If you’d prefer not to take out the centipede’s life, it is possible to catch it in a glass jar and release it into the open.

A powerful vacuum cleaner

If you spot house centipedes popping out of various crevices or crawl spaces use a powerful vacuum cleaner to get them out. Take the vacuum cup and vacuum bags into a plastic sealing bag. Then dispose of them in a trash bin that is outside.

Organic material soil

The powdered substance made of crushed insect exoskeletons can be a highly effective treatment for all sorts of pests that live indoors. The tiny jagged edges of the powder penetrate the body of house centipedes. They also remove the fats and oils inside and slowly kill the insects. 

Sprinkle it all over the door’s thresholds and around corners, especially in areas that are damp. It’s possible to leave it on for a few days before vacuuming. It is advised that you wait at least 24 hours before cleaning. Repeat as often as you need to.

Take away their food source

This is a way to eliminate roaches, silverfish, moths, flies, and other insects that host centipedes to eat. The sticky traps, vinegar cedarwood sprays, salt, and baking soda sprinkled over thresholds as well as in corners, and diatomaceous earth, as mentioned earlier, are all safe ways of getting rid of these insects.

Use vinegar or detergent to wash drains

It’s not unusual to see home centipedes around kitchen or bathroom drains or under the cabinets beneath the sink. The act of pouring bleach or vinegar in the drain can keep them away. Make use of one-half cup vinegar, then wait for an hour, and then add half-cup. To bleach, make an equal 50:50 solution of bleach and water.

Never combine vinegar and bleach. The combination could result in a harmful gas called chlorine.

Scatter salt, apart from cooking salt, is also a fantastic natural method to deter centipedes. Sprinkle some salt over areas that have moisture or wall cracks to prevent them from entering your house.

In the event that you own pets, it is possible to sprinkle salt on the water bottles. However, make sure that your pets don’t eat the salt!

Spread mothballs throughout the home

Suppose you’re looking for an innovative method to keep centipedes out of your house. One of the options you could try mothballs. Mothballs, also known as naphthalene balls, release naphthalene gas, which can be poisonous to centipedes.

Put some mothballs in the areas that are infested. This will help reduce the number of centipedes that are in your home.

Clean on a regular basis

One of the main reasons you may find pest infestation there is due to inadequate hygiene. What did you last make sure that you cleaned your bed entirely, both inside and out? Bad hygiene is one of the most significant issues and draws in critters like centipedes.

So, if you wish to prevent these animals from wandering around your bed and causing harm. One of the best actions you can take is to keep your mattress clean. It starts by washing the bed from top to bottom every day. And make sure you change your bedsheets each time you have a few days.

Cleaning doesn’t mean you just shake the sheets and place them on. Cleaning your bed requires making sure you dust the surrounding areas, too since that’s the reason why you attract centipedes in the course of time. It is ideal for keeping your bedroom clean as well as you can.

Another mistake to avoid is making sure you do not eat at night and in the vicinity of your bed. However careful you are, there are always food particles left lying around. It is the situation; you’re likely to attract more than the centipedes. You’ll have to contend with other bugs that are bound to discover their way into your mattress. Beware of these issues, and you’ll not be a worry!

To conclude

Now, are you able to get rid of centipedes from your bed?

There are many insecticides of various kinds available on the market to apply to rid yourself of the problem and poison the centipedes. Make sure you follow the directions for the insecticide to know how to get the most effective outcomes.

These are just a few easy methods for eliminating the house centipede problem. Centipedes can be a nightmare to manage, particularly in the case of a large population of them in your neighborhood! 

There are, however, many ways to keep centipedes out of bed. We believe that you’ll be able to keep them from the sanctuary in your bed. We would like to wish you all the best of luck!

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