How to make a blanket soft again? Within 5 minutes do it

Is your favorite blanket no longer as wonderful as the day you got it? Wanna know the different methods to make a blanket soft again?

It’s important to comprehend the reason why it’s not as soft. It’s got something to relate to the properties of the fabric and how you cared for your blankets. Cleaning it in the wrong manner will only harm the fabric.

When you first bought this blanket, it felt lovely soft, and fluffy. However, after several months and a few washes, it appears to be losing its fluffy and soft appeal.

Please don’t lose hope for a while, as there’s an alternative to make it soft again. You’ll be amazed by the results and breathe the relief of knowing that the process is less costly than purchasing a new blanket.

What exactly happened? What is the source of this tragedy? If you go through those types of questions, this content will be helpful for you.

How do help me soften my blanket using the machine to wash it?

To bring your fluffy cushions back to life, the easiest and fastest method is to wash them. However, the secret is that you’ll have to add a magic ingredient to your wash for an amazing outcome. You can find the ingredient in white vinegar.

  • The first thing you have to do is make sure the blanket is ready and that the machine is operating at a moderate and low temperature.
  • It is the next thing to do: shake the blanket and look at the blanket. In this way, you’ll be sure that no debris is left within the folds or the fluffy.
  • Pour in the quantity of detergent required for laundering polyester. Add white acetum to this container.
  • The blanket should be tossed into the barrel. If you have other items made of polyester to be cleaned, put them in, however only if they are the identical shade! Consider that running the laundry machine repeatedly in a row could make your expenses quite expensive. If you wash everything at once, you will substantially cut costs and time.

Once you have pressed start, the machine will be left until the washing is complete. While washing, vinegar will complete its job and restore the softness of the blankets made of polyester. It is evident that vinegar is a natural substance that can help to loosen the fibers making the detergent be more effective and eliminating dust and dirt from your fabric.

It is possible to wash the load two times as vinegar does have an odor that doesn’t always wash off after the first time. It’s okay. Following the repeated washing, the blankets will smell clean—no extra odor.

How to keep your blankets soft again by hand washing?

1. Be sure to have all the things you’ll need. (laundry detergent as well as a basin big enough that your blanket can be able to fit the chair with the hose, your dirty/soiled blanket, and white vinegar)

2. Give your mattress a vigorous shake, then examine it carefully to ensure there’s not any more dust remaining before you begin washing it.

3. Fill the basin with the required amount of laundry detergent.

4. Pour the appropriate quantity of white vinegar over the powdered detergent, allowing it to blend the two.

5. Connect your faucet to the hose.

6. Fill the bowl with water by turning on the faucet.

Make sure you point the hose toward your basin and add to about half or 3/4 of the capacity. If you fill it up with more water, it could result in spillage after you place the blanket in. Shut off the faucet after you’ve reached your desired water level, and then set the faucet aside.

7. To dissolve the detergent, swish the water in the basin with your hand.

8. Swish the water in the sink with your hand to dissolve the detergent.

You soak the blanket in water for a few minutes, allowing the vinegar to do its magic by releasing the fibers to bring them back to their softness. It also aids the detergent to clean the blanket.

The handwashing action gently takes away the dirt. Concentrate on the areas that are dirty of the blanket and do doing a spot clean until you are happy with the results you’ve seen.

Wanna know more?

1. Use the blanket to remove any water and put it down.

2. You should remove soapy water from the basin.

3. To wash the basin, turn to the tap.

Take out the remaining water you used to cleanse the basin from any soapy remnants. This will assist you in preparing for the washing procedure.

4. Re-fill the faucet with clean water up to half or 3/4 level. Close the faucet after you’ve reached your desired level of water.

5. To get rid of the extra soapy residue, move the blanket up and down.

6. Steps 9 through 13 should be repeated until the blanket appears to have been thoroughly cleaned.

If you don’t notice bubbles after washing your blanket, that’s an indication that says that there are no soap leftovers.

7. Prepare to dry the blanket by squeezing it to remove excess water.

8. Dry put the blanket on an unlined clothesline or drying rack.

When the blanket is dry, fold and put it in your cabinet immediately. Installing a humidifier inside the cabinet will ensure your belongings remain dry and fresh.

How to Maintain the Softness of Blankets

We are now in the season of fuzzy blankets! It’s time for us to pack away the shorts and get rid of all of our cozy and warm winter clothes. No matter if you keep your warm blankets on your couch or your sofa, your cozy spreads will require an easy wash.

Before you tuck it into your laundry, your lovely blankets require particular attention during the process to prevent losing their soft feel! The blanket enthusiasts of Bakers Centre Laundry are happy to provide you with tips about how to keep your blankets cozy and soft:

Think About Your Cleaning Style

Surprisingly, soft blankets tend to lose their softness during the typical washing load. If you’re choosing to wash your blanket by hand, you’ll need an ice-cold sink and your preferred fabric-specific dish soap or detergent!

Using your hands, massage the soapsuds into your blanket and give it a gentle, thorough scrub. Allow the blanket to dry in the air after finishing. Make sure you check the tag on your blanket if it’s still on to confirm if the blanket is dry-cleaned only. If not, go the blanket to your dry cleaning service to get it treated properly!

It is possible to machine wash your soft blanket; however, mixing it with your other clothing could risk becoming firm during the process! Instead, it would help if you washed your blanket on its own and put the washing machine’s dial to the delicate/gentle cycle using cold water.

Add detergents or fabric conditioners that help create a soft wash, and you’re set to go! If you’re not equipped with the right equipment for the job or require assistance, bring your blanket to our drop-off laundry to take good take care of all your bedding requirements!

Select between air drying or low-heat drying.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cozy socks or blankets made of wool fabrics made of wooly materials that won’t work when drying. Using high temperatures on fabrics with soft materials can cause curls, reaped, or the edges to be scalloped, which can take away what makes the blanket extremely soft. However, you can utilize the dryer only when it is set to the lowest setting for the heater with no set even! However, drying the blankets you have is the most secure option!

Don’t allow the fear of a sloppy wash to stop you from enjoying the season’s fuzzy blankets! Bring out your cozy blankets in confidence and let them be draped however you like.

How Can I make Fleece Blanket soft?

Method 1. Clean the fleece blanket

The easiest way to soften the fleece blanket is to clean it. But, you should adhere to the washing directions of the blanket you purchased to ensure you’re following the correct procedures. Because the fleece is made of synthetic and therefore, it’s safe to wash it in the washer, at least if it does not come with an integrated agitator.

Make use of baking soda and distilled white vinegar

The secret ingredients that will make your fleece blanket soft are baking soda and white vinegar that has been distilled. Add half a cup of baking soda into the bathtub, along with the detergent you need. Instead of using the fabric softener, which is not compatible with fleece fibers, use distilled white vinegar in its dispenser.

When the powder has dissolved the powder, you can throw your blanket of fleece in the washing machine and complete the delicate process. It’s not necessary to use any other cleaning agents, but it’s important to avoid the use of bleach or other whiteners. After cleaning, make sure that your blanket can dry the blanket to aid in fluffing it.

Put the blanket in the dryer with an aluminum foil ball inside

Most fleece blankets are safe to dry, so you can use them on the no-heat setting or the lowest setting. The key to making a blanket soft and feathery is to put an aluminum foil that has been balled into the dryer. In this way, the blanket will not be smothered with static.

Method 2. Wash the fleece blanket

Brushing your fleece blanket is another way to restore its softness. This is a great way to restore the softness of a blanket that has become scratchy or coarse. You can make your blanket fluffy again with a stiff brush similar to the one you use to groom pets.

You should brush the fleece to release the knots in the fiber and soften the blanket again. Some also suggest spraying the blanket with water before brushing it wet. Keep one corner in place and vigorously brush the material across a flat surface to get rid of the fibers that have clumped up.

What Is the Best Way to Soften Old Fleece Blankets?

Normally, fleece blankets lose their softness and fluffiness with time. You could try cleaning and brushing your blanket to see if it can improve its texture. If not, determine if you can replace the decorative layer on top.

To ensure that the blanket made of fleece retains its feel, here’s how to maintain it.

How to make Minky Blanket Soft

If they’re not badly broken, they can find out how to make your polyester blankets soft. Clean your blanket using cold water and white vinegar using no washing detergent. Based on the extent of damage, the method may not be a perfect solution every time. However, there’s a great likelihood that your Minky will emerge looking and feeling more soft and fluffy than when it was first put into.

Aside from commercial fabric softeners, what else can help you make a blanket soft again?

White Vinegar

The acid softens the fibers breaking down the residue build-up, and is a natural and bio-based fabric softener.

You can use white vinegar to clean your garments in other ways.

  • A powerful stain remover
  • Fabric have to clean without the use of bleach
  • Bring out the gum.
  • Mildew odors are no longer an issue.
Tennis rackets

Incorporate three tennis balls with the blanket inside the dryer. They will act as a massaging blanket. Always choose the low-heat or air fluff settings as tennis balls are composed of rubber and can melt if exposed to heat for too long.


There is no reason to discourage yourself. If you’ve done something wrong, you can fix it by washing the right way to avoid further damage.

You get many tips about it. I know you can make the blanket soft again. Because when I use those tactics, I get good results. And I get a cozy comfort blanket again.

Read on to find out whether there is still a chance for regaining that softness!

Now it’s your turn to make your favorite blanket softer. If you know other tactics, don’t forget to comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to read the post.

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