6 amazing step on how to move a purple mattress?

There’s one of my friends whom I met a few days ago. He shares with me his problem. And his problem is how to move a purple mattress. I give him a few ideas about a purple mattress. And he did according to my suggestion.

Do you know what his result is? I will explain this in the final paragraph of this post. Ok???

Any mattress can be harmed by moving. Here I offer all the information you need to relocate to a new home securely and without harming your Purple mattress. I will give you the entire setup process of most mattresses. So that you can use the moving process like professional movers.

Let’s start to ensure moving a mattress.

What Do We Need To Move A Purple Mattress?

The items you require to move a mattress of purple include a flat surface. It will protect the mattress from tears, packaging tape, boxes, and other items that enable you to move it. Important things mentioned below that we need for moving a purple mattress:


Straps are used to secure your mattress. We suggest straps to secure the headboard of the bed as well as the sides. However only if you don’t have a footboard or headboard to secure them for you.

If you decide to use straps since you’re looking for additional security, we suggest securing the straps with an S-hook that is tied to the corner of the bed frame. This will ensure that it doesn’t escape accidentally!

If You Own A Foot and Head Board If you follow our suggestions above, simply attach the four corners of each of both boards with S-Hooks that are securely inserted into every hole in the bed’s metal frame’s side railings, where they join in the middle.

Gloves for hand:

Moving heavy boxes that are packed with things you’d like to be safe from scratches, you must put on gloves.

When you’re using a dolly or cart to move your mattress put these gloves on the handles to ensure they don’t get damaged from the weight that is contained in each box. These gloves will also help keep any oils off your hands too!

This is extremely beneficial if young children are helping in the same way. Since they might scratch or scratch at these items during transportation and not even realize that their actions may cause harm in the future.

Plastic bags:

It is never easy to pack a mattress. Let’s make it simpler by using this plastic bag that can be used to pack the mattress!

It’s specially made to be placed over your bed and ensure that everything is secure as you move. It also provides an airtight barrier that will safely transport your bedding to wherever you require they are needed.

Mattresses can be transported with ease using this handy bag. Because it eliminates wrinkles, and there are no strings or wrinkles on your comforter or sheets while you’re transporting!

They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging in size from twin-sized to queen. Ensure that you purchase the correct size before you purchase.

Rubber bands:

Duct packing tape is the most common item in the process of moving. It helps keep everything in position and stops the objects from getting dirty or damaging any object. It is a great option for furniture or boxes as well as fragile items. Apply it to the lower part of each leg to your mattresses to ensure they won’t slide off the carts and dollies that are moving.

Duct tape can be a wonderful covering for those corners. It could cause damage to other covers that you have by wrapping them around the edges three times.

For instance, if there are many corners of dressers sticking up from their boxes. Then wrap duct tape over the four suggestions prior to placing something else on top to secure both the item itself and the person who is going to carry it in the future.


Be sure to utilize mattress boxes, particularly those that are at least medium in size. This will ensure that the mattress is tightly packed and won’t shift around in the box if it’s not fixed by a strap or duct tape across the entire length of the side. Be sure that there aren’t any air pockets that are left!

Making your moving pads foldable before putting them in one other for storage can help to save space when packing them away in your next move!

A set of scissors:

The cutters can cut open the boxes that have been sealed. This will help you avoid any problems that might arise with the mattress expanding and return to its original form without the box after it’s been moved and put up in the new location!

Pads for moving:

Moving pads are a great option to shield your mattress in the removal process. Based on the size and weight of your mattress and the size of your mattress, you might need more than one underneath it when carrying it or putting it in the car.

They will keep the mattress clean as some furniture cleaners could cause issues for certain kinds of materials and fabrics used in mattresses particularly.

It also assists in absorbing any liquids that could get spilled. This means there’s no risk that they’ll get into anything beneath the surface!

How to Move a purple Mattress: 6 Easy Steps

Step One: Collect the Required Tools

The type of mattress you’ll require will depend on size, weight, and the type of mattress. If you’re moving a bed for a child as well as a twin bed for a short distance, then you might be able to carry it by yourself. If needed, you need help, ask for assistance or move it across the hall on the back of a cardboard piece.

Dollys and hand trucks for moving larger mattresses. The ropes and straps keep the mattress in place on the dollies. The mattress bag and tape will aid in sealing and ensuring the mattress is protected. Utilize your tools, sandwich bags, and tools to remove and store the components of the headboard, the frame of the mattress as well as other elements of the foundation of the bed.

Step Two: Make a Way

Make sure you ensure that you clear a path prior to moving your mattress. Particularly when you’re moving a mattress yourself. This will help keep it from being tripped over or even prevent severe injuries to you or the people moving it.

You’ll need to clear an area that is large enough for several people, as well as the mattress, to slide through. It must also be wide enough to accommodate turns or rotations on the mattress.

Step Three: In a mattress bag, place your mattress

A memory foam mattress bag is like it sounds- an oversized plastic bag to accommodate a whole mattress. They protect the mattress’s integrity as it is moved and/or stored. If you’re keeping your mattress for a lengthy period of time, think about tapering the bag shut for additional protection.

It is likely that the process of putting on a purple mattress bag is like the process of putting on a fitted sheet. But, assistance could speed up the process more quickly.

Step Four: Place the new mattress on a Trolley

When your bed is fully packed and is ready to move then, it’s time to place it on the dolly (or other devices for moving). If a dolly isn’t accessible, two people might be in a position to safely lift the mattress with the correct form for lifting it. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving with your partner or moving the mattress on your own. Even if it’s simply moving it into a bag, it is important to think about these tips for lifting heavy objects:

  • Don’t be shy to ask for assist.
  • Allow your legs to do the bulk of the lifting so that your arms and back aren’t worn out before you’re ready to complete the workout.
  • Stretch your legs and lower back. Perform a variety of stretches for approximately 20 seconds each before lifting. This will ensure that you are in great condition and is well-equipped to lift.
  • Use hand carts and dollies whenever you can;
  • Wear closed-toed shoes and gloves to safeguard your body from injuries.

It’s essential to understand the correct lifting techniques. Even if you’re not, because they could assist with everyday tasks as well.

Step Five: Place the Mattress in the Truck by Lifting It

If you’re planning to move purple mattress only a few miles, it is likely that you will not require a truck to move it. Instead, you’ll only have to follow these steps and make sure there is someone on hand to assist you should the need arise.

If you’re planning to move your bed a long distance, it is necessary to select a truck with beds large enough to accommodate your mattress. It is recommended to be certain to wrap your mattress with a mattress bag or some other type of plastic wrap prior to putting your mattress in the bed of the truck.

Some mattresses, like one called a Purple Mattress, may be folded in half. Beds like these are ideal for people who don’t have enough mattresses for their trucks.

Step Six: Drive Carefully and Secure Your Mattress

If possible, you can lay the mattress flat no matter if it’s inside a truck or on the top of a car. To avoid damage, try not to place items on the mattress. If the mattress is flat, make sure you fix the mattress to the vehicle using straps or ropes.

If lying your mattress flat isn’t an option, then lean the mattress to the side and towards the walls of the truck that is moving. Make use of straps or ropes to anchor it to the truck’s wall. And make sure you don’t place any other objects on the mattress.

If you’re certain that your mattress is safe and secure, you can drive away. Make sure to drive slowly, especially around corners, to make sure the mattress is in a good position.

Moving isn’t always easy, but it can be rewarding as well. Whatever the difficulty might be for you to relocate a mattress, you can be sure that it will be worth it at the end of the day when you finally take advantage of your new home.

How can you fold a purple mattress the most efficiently?

Purple mattresses are an excellent illustration of folding an entire mattress. If you ever have to put it away, the simple way to do it will ensure that your mattress is in good shape and looks like it did the day you bought it.

Fold the top of the purple mattress towards the bottom. Then fold in a left-to-right direction until you have an item small enough to be stored! While they’re advertised as easy-to-fold mattresses, even mattresses with intricate folding mechanisms can fold into squares if required.

This makes them a good option for occasional daybeds or guest beds where there is a possibility of space being small. Purple mattress boxes are usually difficult to open, so be careful not to tear them prior to opening the sides to use in your home.

Without a truck, what is the best way to move a purple mattress?

True, not everyone can provide to buy a vehicle. This isn’t to say that you’re not able to move mattresses. Instead, you could place smaller beds on the rear of an SUV or hatchback with the hatch opened. If that’s what you opt to do, be sure to anchor it with straps or ropes.

Consider placing mattresses on the upper part of the vehicle if you’re not able to utilize a hatchback or an SUV. If this isn’t an option, then researching the possibility of renting a truck in your area might be the next option.

What are your plans for your Purple mattress bags?

It seems that every when you purchase the latest mattress, it is delivered in those heavy purple bags. It is a bit difficult to tell if they’ll ever stop producing mattresses with these bags as the typical life span of mattresses is about eight years.

The first thing to do is second-guess throwing away your old bag of purple! It’s probably not recyclable and may have contained hazardous substances or bacteria because of bed bugs.

It can also be utilized to remain warm throughout the winter by storing off-season garments or blankets. Keep an eye on the town by asking friends and neighbors for any free things to be stored until the next season of spring and summer rolls in the next few weeks! Finally, consider donating them nearby.


Now I will tell you that what’s my friend’s result. He first listens to what I am told. And you must go through the entire text. Then, he buys the things that he will need. If you have those things at home, you don’t need to buy them. Next, my friend exact do moving process that I said to him. 

Keep in mind important tips so that it will be easy to move a purple mattress. A purple mattress may be an excellent touch to any bedroom. We all know that. But there will be an occasion when you have to move it from one area in one location to another.

If you’re planning on relocating soon, I’ve given you a few tips on how to make the process go more easily. By following that setup process, you can ensure a good night’s sleep. 

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