How to ship a mattress? Master with some astonishing ways

Do you want to ship a mattress across the nation? Maybe you’d like to give an extra mattress to a relative or friend member?

Do you know it is easy to ship a mattress? The procedure may be made to go smoothly with a little organization and assistance. But you should know some methods.

There are several reasons why you may wish to transport your mattress. You may be relocating across the nation and have no intention of replacing your bedroom furnishings.

The guide below will take you through all steps necessary so that you can move the mattress with confidence. You also get some information about getting your mattress ready for transportation, as well as alternatives to mattress shipping.

Learn everything you can about shipping mattresses safely.

Is It Worth to ship a Mattress?

In most cases, it’s not worthwhile to ship mattresses. If the lowest cost you could expect to pay for shipping is about $300, it won’t be logical to ship mattresses that are worth that much or less.

Of course, you must take your time researching what shipping costs are for your particular situation. Once you have an exact number, you will be able to determine better if you want to go ahead with mattress shipping. A few questions that can aid in this process of thinking include:

How old is the mattress?

Remember that mattresses can last for 5 to 8 years, depending on how they’re constructed. In the event that your mattress is several years old, then it might not be worth spending just a few hundred dollars to transport it. It is the same in the event that the mattress has obvious evidence of wear and tear.

Could it be that a new mattress could be more beneficial to you?

Consider the quality of your mattress and whether it meets your requirements for support and comfort. A brand new mattress that comes in boxes can be bought on the internet for a reasonable price and comes with free shipping. So if you feel it’s time to get an upgrade to your mattress, it’s not making sense to ship the previous one.

What’s the point of shipping it?

Consider the urgency and importance of transporting the mattress box, as it will determine if it’s really worth it.

How much did you pay for it when you first got it?

There’s a greater value to shipping a mattress box when you’ve bought the luxurious mattress instead of an inexpensive purchase. Another approach to thinking about this question is to think about the cost of replacing the mattress rather instead of shipping it.

How to Get Your Mattress Ready for Shipping?

Separate And Remove Bedding

Before taking any action before doing anything, take out and take apart your pillows, comforters bed sheets, bedding, and everything other items you may have over your mattress. After that, take the frame apart and place the tiny hardware pieces into the ziplock bag to prevent essential parts from disappearing. Keep all the parts of the frame or foundation in place as well, so that you don’t have to put it all back together in the future.

Mattress Dimensions

It is important to know the weight measurements for mattress shipment in order that you will receive a precise estimate of shipping will cost. Look over the typical dimensions of the various mattress sizes to help you.

  • Twin: 38” x 75” 60 lbs
  • Full: 54” x 74” 90 lbs
  • Queen: 60” x 80” 105 lbs
  • King: 76” x 80” 125 lbs

It’s also necessary to gauge your foundation or box spring; however, you’ll need to estimate the weight. They’re typically between 50 and 75 pounds.

Gather shipping Quotes

Finding the best price for your mattress is similar to obtaining the best car insurance quote: you shouldn’t go for the first shipping quote you receive. There are several websites that allow you to request a quote for free, from,, and All you need to enter is the type of furniture that you would like to ship and the measurements you made earlier, the point of pickup, and the mattress’s destination address.

A good suggestion, you can specify the price you’re willing to pay in the event that the estimates you receive care outside your price range. For instance, Uship has a section on their site that allows you to “name your price” and check to see if any of their service providers will honor it for you.

Organize Your Bed

To ensure that your mattress gets to its destination safely and securely, Organizing a bed is essential to know how to pack your mattress properly. The first step is to wrap your mattress and box springs with several layers of packing foam. Mattress encasement is like protection to protect your mattress and box spring. You can take it from any store.

 As additional protection, put it inside a mattress case that is protected. They are typically made of vinyl or cotton and can be put on as an ordinary mattress cover. They can be bought through or from many retail stores that sell bedding brick-and-mortar. After that, place the mattress encased and the box spring inside a container and then fill up the gap with peanuts from the package if you require.

Make Arrangements For Pickup

After you’ve chosen the business, you’ll be shipping your mattress. You’ll need to schedule a curbside pickup or arrange for an address where you can drop off your mattress. Certain service providers offer White Glove Delivery, meaning they’ll visit your home to wrap your mattress and then load it onto their truck without having to do anything. This is more costly, but it’s an ideal option for people who require or require assistance.

How Should a Mattress Be Shipped?

Mattresses for shipping can be handled in many methods, from professional services to moving on your own. There may also be a shipping company in your city. There you can hire movers.

Do not move heavy objects down the stairs with a single person; having a partner assist will make the task simpler and more secure.

DIY Using a Pickup Truck or a Comparable Vehicle

If you’re moving mattresses across countries, renting a pickup truck or larger vehicle could be possible. But, take into consideration the costs associated with hiring trucks. You’ll have to pay for the rent, insurance, gas, perhaps take some off from work to move everything yourself. However, the freedom that comes with renting a car could be greater than the expenses involved.

Employ a Moving Company

The cost of hiring a service provider company might seem like a large expense to transport the bed as well as large objects. But, considering that moving home can be as stressful similar to divorce, setting the budget to afford professional movers might be the ideal alternative for a few.

If you don’t have a big enough automobile, rent a U-Haul or a truck.

The option of renting a U-Haul truck or U-Haul typically comes with professional moving services that can do all your heavy lifting. All you have to do is to pack your belongings and let your new companions load the moving truck and unload it at the location. You can also hire a cleaner, so you don’t have to clean when you leave, which makes moving and mattress delivery simple.

How to Ship a Mattress Professionally

  • Take out all bedding.
  • Clean the bed and mattress until it’s clean and tidy in preparation for moving
  • Remove the bed’s base off and place all the screws smaller into a zip lock bag to ensure security.
  • Take measurements of the mattress to be certain of the amount of space you’ll need in your truck.

Find the Best Shipping Cost

Before you ship your mattress to another location via the services of a moving company, be sure to be prepared with this information when you contact your preferred company to request a quote.

  • Mattress weight dimensions
  • Pickup address
  • Other products that will be delivered
  • Contact information
  • Delivery address

Request a Delivery or Pickup

There are a variety of ways to transport mattresses. Still, the benefit of hiring an experienced company is the ease it allows you to concentrate on other aspects and ease the burden of moving as you are confident that you are in good hands for the task. You are able to choose an appointment time suitable for you and at an amount you can afford.

The most economical method to ship mattress is to make them yourself

  • The most affordable and efficient method to deliver mattresses is to take it on yourself. Keep the cost lower by borrowing a huge vehicle from a relative.
  • If you don’t wish to spend money on painter’s paint, you can use old blankets or sheets that are tied around your mattress in order to ensure it’s neat during the move.
  • If you need help, ask a friend for assistance, and they might have the equipment you need to borrow and assist you with the heavy lifting.
  • Do not attach your mattress to your vehicle’s bonnet or roof; this is dangerous and, should it fall off in a busy road, the mattress could lead to an accident.

What Is the Cost of Shipping a Mattress?

There is no price set for the shipping of a mattress. However, you can anticipate that it will total cost to ship around $300. If you are moving for long distances or heavier, prices could be up to three times as much. Pricing for a single item can be determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Mattress dimensions
  • The mattress’s distance from where it is being transported
  • How fast it will need to arrive
  • The proportions of the mattress

As you’d expect, prices increase depending on the size of the mattress, shipping distance, and speedy delivery.

Beyond the basic cost of simply getting it from one location in the first place, you will need to consider additional costs to be considered when figuring out the total price of transporting the mattress. A few of these costs include:

  • The cost of all packing materials, such as a box tape, a mattress, or any other material to protect and shrink wrap the mattress.
  • Insurance that safeguards you from the risk that your mattress could be damaged or lost during transportation. Insurance isn’t necessary; however, if the mattress is valued enough to justify the cost of shipping, it might be beneficial to get insurance in the event of an eventuality.

What are the Different Mattress Shipping Options?

If you’re pondering about the ideato ship a mattress, it’s a good idea to look at your options.

A moving truck rental is a good option for those who need to move other items alongside your bed. Upgrade to a bigger vehicle that can accommodate a mattress may cost more but could be cheaper as opposed to shipping your mattress on its own.

If you’re not interested in driving a van to move your things and you don’t have the time, you can opt for the shipping pod. In these cases, you place your belongings into the container, and it is usually placed in a driveway or the street the front of your house, and then the company takes possession of and transports the container on a scheduled date. As a moving truck, it is ideal for moving large items or boxes.

A new mattress purchase is usually a feasible alternative to relocating your old mattress. The cost of mattresses on the internet has dropped over the last few times, while the variety and quality of options have been growing. 

There’s a lot of benefits to buying the best mattresses online. They usually include free delivery and an opportunity to sleep trial. It lets you try the mattress and have the option of returning it if you’re not happy. If you choose to do this, it is possible to sell your mattress or give it away to a local charity.

What should you know before sending a mattress overseas or cross-country by courier?

Before deciding whether you want to deliver your mattress within the country or overseas through a courier service, be sure that you know the essentials:

  • Check the size of the mattress in its final packaging before determining what the most appropriate option for you to ship it is.
  • Find out if you have to print and then attach the label yourself. After the transportation service for your mattress is confirmed, you will receive this information via email.
  • Calculate the estimated delivery date using the online tool. Then, you can send your mattress to the right address on time. It is essential to ensure that there’s somebody present at the delivery or pickup places.


Now, do you understand the process of shipping a mattress? Do you have any problem with how to ship a mattress? What’s the shipping method you like most?

Shipping mattresses aren’t necessarily complicated if the right steps are followed. If you want to ship a mattress to your new house, think about it carefully.

If your existing mattress is causing you aches and pains, it may be more cost-effective and healthier for your sleep health to invest in a new mattress.

It’s very expensive to hire professional movers or use a moving truck. Therefore, learning how to transport a mattress in a correct manner will help you in making the process easier.

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