How to turn a regular bed into a daybed

How to turn a regular bed into a daybed

Are you looking to transform a regular bed into a daybed? You’ve come to the right spot!

The daybed is half-bed, half-couch furniture that serves one or both purposes. It’s usually smaller than the size of the bed, typically a twin-sized bed, but it includes three sides protected instead of the frame for a bed, which typically has the footboard and headboard.

We’ll take a look at the numerous ways to take an ordinary single, double or full bed and turn it into a functional daybed that is suitable for sitting as well as sleeping.

How to Make a Daybed from a Regular Bed

Here are the steps for turning your bed from a regular one into a daybed;

1. Select a suitable daybed cover

An adjustable daybed must provide an inviting place to relax without the need for frequent retouching of mattress coverings.

A way to convert a queen-sized bed into a daybed is by using the corner fitted coverlet.

Choose an envelope that has an opening for zippers that runs under the surface or a tailored cushion cover that has the zippered opening as well as pipe.

The more you have, the more fun; it’s simple to fold more length and width on the four edges of the mattress to keep it in place when being used.

2. Use cushions and other comforts

You can also decrease the width of your queen-size mattress by selecting various cushions.

In the beginning, you must make sure that the foam is custom-fit, so it’s suitable for the cushions.

If you’re looking to create a distinctive design and style for your bed, there are many cushions to pick from.

My dears, you can opt for brushed duck slipcovers in place of upholstery fabrics that are standard.

3. Include a do-it-yourself backrest

To enhance the standard frame, you could consider a wide backrest that is wide for the back or back of your bed.

The bed is transformed into a daybed when it rotates sideways.

A simple wooden door can serve as a DIY backrest, too.

To accommodate a traditional door that’s 80 inches high, on its right side, the door needs to be just 5 inches larger than a bed that is twin-sized.

Another option is to fix an old door onto the rear of the bed to provide the bed appear low and provide support.

4. Purchase a large number of throw pillows

The seating of a sofa is typically set up to be a part of a sofa with an average depth of 31 to 36 inches.

Be aware that a queen-size bed is 60 inches in width.

In order to limit the depth to a more acceptable level, consider using pillows that limit the length of your bed.

Include a row of normal queen-sized pillows into pillowcases.

It should then be followed by more rows of rectangle pillows inside shams of various shapes and sizes.

It is also possible to try accent pillows with distinctive sizes and shapes that are matched with fabrics.

A variety of pillow designs and covers can create an informal, rustic-style daybed, perfect for bedrooms with rustic decor.

You can choose to have a sophisticated, shabby, chic, or contemporary design. You can pick throw pillows and beddings that assist you in achieving these styles.

5. Choose a nice location for your site.

Daybeds are used during the day as couches throughout the day.

It is helpful to have a queen-sized bed, a space to sit for when you are planning to build an effective sofa. By putting the bed against a wall, you save space.

On graph paper, draw a floor layout for your space. Then move furniture around to test furniture placement alternatives.

The paper sheets you use are to create the illusion of furniture dimensions. It can assist you in determining the optimum location for your bed in your home.

It must have easy access, but not so it is crowded enough to block aisles or windows.

If you have a large room within your room, it’s recommended to make use of the queen-sized bed as the daybed as well as a room partition.

It is recommended that you did not place the bed across an obstruction in this case.

6. Consider installing end tables or side tables in the room.

There are backboards as well as end tables over your queen-sized bed in order to create it look more like a place to sit in the daytime.

Your guests can make use of one of the tables at the end to place their coffee or tea on and then lean against the backrest to support themselves.

As opposed to standard beds, Daybeds often have armrests.

Armrests allow you to feel more at ease while also visually signaling to the user that it’s actually a seating area.

For the first time, you can start with a single bed frame that is twin size without a headrest or footrest.

Adding side tables to either side of the table raises the seats to a height that is comfortable to work from.

It will act as the “frame” of your daybed without having to modify the design in any manner.

What is the ideal spot for a daybed?

As per the definition of daybeds, a daybed is a multi-purpose furniture asset one must have. It can be put in almost any place in the home. It can be found from lounges to offices to studio apartments, and others.

The day bed is a great way to save on space, and it also fulfills the function of a sofa when the seat of the sofa cannot be accommodated. It also serves as a supplement to the function of a bed when the bed is not able to be a good fit.

Daybeds are also able to double as baby beds. They are much easier to manage as opposed to traditional cribs for babies in terms of styling and decor. They also offer a sense of exclusivity and are a perfect spot to relax with your buddies.

Another area where daybeds may be used is in your backyard, in the sunroof, or on your deck.

Daybeds are smaller in size and have two uses making them more economical in space as well as saving on costs.

Daybeds offer convenience. It is easy to change between power naps, sleep casual gatherings, and hanging out with your friends or people who have daybeds.

The couch can also be used as a reading area, especially when you need a comfortable spot in which to relax or read and rest without much movement.

What tools will you need to convert a conventional bed into a daybed?

1. Pointer: While taking measurements, be sure to mark the zones of your interest or areas of work. Choose a device that can identify your areas of interest following measurements.

2. The measuring tape: This can be used to measure measurements from one location to the next.

3. Sandra: Raw timber must be smoothed out and provided with an even surface to give it an ultimately smooth finish. In order to accomplish this, Sandra is used to smoothing off the wood’s surface.

4. Brush for painting: Brushes come in various sizes. Choosing the size that’s ideal for your job can be very beneficial. 3 to 5 inches of brush can work well in this situation.

5. Polishing cloth: It does the sanding as well according to the type of finish you wish to achieve as well as the kind of surface you’re doing work on. You might require several sanding sheets to accomplish your goals.

6. Screwdriver: It is used to secure backboards to headboards and footboards to the headboard. You can use a screwdriver that is either electric or manual. In certain situations, the hand drill may be used for both, provided you are able to find the components to convert hand drills to convert from hand-drill to be converted into the electric screwdriver.

7. Screws: The most common timber used to make the headboard is one” thick. It is recommended to use screws that are longer than 1 inch to join the backboard to the frame of the footboard and headboard. 2 inches screws are enough for this job.

8. Spindle: This is used to make holes in wood.

How to Make a Daybed Out of an Unused Bed

The usage of your own day bed can solve various problems. It is a great way for the home office to double as a guest space without being a complete mess; it could double as seating space, or it could be a relaxing space to read or just relax. A daybed doesn’t have to be a huge expense. You can create one from an old mattress you already have.

Make the Bed Stable

If your bed has wheels, you might want to place cups beneath the wheels to ensure the bed doesn’t sway when you sit down on it or rise from it. This is crucial for those who are not able to walk.

Makeover the Bed

It is possible to choose a decorative daybed frame. They’re available in a variety of styles, between Victorian up to Mission up to Contemporary. They provide a daybed with an elegant, full, and furniture-like look and provide some support for pillows and other things that you can include. 

If you choose to use these, you are able to go as glitzy or as structured as you want with the pillows and spread but keep in mind the type of bedding suitable with the design of the frame you pick. There are also special daybed slipcovers that hide 3 sides to the mattress.

The possibility is to choose attractive Daybed frames. They are available in a range of styles that range starting from Victorian and Mission all the way and down Contemporary. They offer the appearance of a daybed, with a sophisticated look, with a full and furniture-like appearance, and offer some support for pillows and other items which you can add.

If you decide to go with these frames, you can be as extravagant or organized as you like with the spread and pillows; however, you must consider the kind of bedding that will work with the style of frame you choose. Also, you can get daybed slipcovers that cover three sides of the mattress.

Function comes before form.

Consider the surrounding of the bed when you decide what to put on it. If it’s the bedroom that is utilized as a bed, the majority often it’s likely that any bedding you love will work. 

However, if it’s a home office and is being mostly used as a couch, then you might want to choose a bedding option that is more refined and subtle – plaid or stripes as an example, instead of a ruffled or chintz. A good bedding shop will offer a wide selection with every style you can pick from.

Examine the Mattress

Some beds work better as daybeds than others. Because the best daybed serves as a couch and provides comfortable seating, a twin bed with pillows or bolsters that provide back support when feet rest on the ground is the best. 

If you’re planning to put up frames for your daybed, the majority, if not all, of them are twin size. If you’re looking to get an extra-large bed, then you’ll need to come up with your own ideas for pillows and similar items to make the most of that extra room.


Can you get the idea of how to turn a regular bed into a daybed?

So we love beds. We would love to sleep in our beds. We’ll be honest we all want to work right from the mattress. What’s the point of leaving?

The use of a Daybed can be the answer to a myriad of issues. It could be a solution to make a home office be used as a guest room but without looking like one. It could also serve as an additional seating area, or it can serve as a comfortable place to read or unwind. 

A daybed doesn’t have to be a costly investment. You can create one from an old mattress you already have.

If you have another idea to turn a regular bed into a daybed mattress, inform us in the comment below.

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