How To Wash Barefoot Dreams Blanket

How To Wash Barefoot Dreams Blanket

This article will explain how to care for your Barefoot Dreams blanket. Barefoot dreams blanket can provide you with great comfort. It is also necessary to keep your blanket fragrant. Your $200 will never go to waste if you take good care of it!

What Is A Barefoot Dreams Blanket?

Barefoot dream blankets are expensive. The material used to make Barefoot Dreams blankets is not always of the highest quality. In most cases, they are microfiber polyester that is 100 percent polyester. Despite this, their plush touch and feel make them well worth the money you spend on them.

Barefoot Dreams blankets are made of high-quality fiber. 

Barefoot Dreams blankets will not pill, tear, or shrink. These characteristics also make them excellent cover-ups. They are stretchy and have a satisfying heft to them. These beddings are available in various materials. You can find them available in wool and knitted and ribbed varieties.

Did you know that Barefoot Dreams is a company that makes more than blankets? It is also possible to buy sweaters and cardigans made from the same material used to make the blankets. Consider how soft and warm they can be.

Please continue reading to learn how to wash them and keep their huggable nature intact.

Washing Your Barefoot Dreams Blanket

How To Wash Barefoot Dreams Blanket: 5 easy Steps 

Washing your priceless blankets is not as expensive as they appear to be. Follow the steps in the process, and we will show you how to do it.

Barefoot Dreams can wash the blankets from Barefoot Dreams in the machine. Heat does not agree with them.

Step #1: Make the preparations

The first step is to prepare the blanket that Barefoot Dreams will wash. Shake it off to get rid of any dirt or specks of dust before you pass it.

Step #2: Get your washing machine ready

Set up your washing machine to its proper settings. Fill the container with cold water and a mild detergent.

Place your blanket in the washing machine. Remember that you should not use a fabric softener on your clothes. It is critical to adhere to the recommended settings unless you want your device damaged. Low heat is recommended to wash your barefoot dream blanket. 

Step #4: Drying process

You can use a tumble dryer on the lowest heat and the lowest settings on the dryer for drying. Even though it works, air fluff or flat drying is preferable for Barefoot Dreams blankets.

Step #5: It’s time to relax

After all your hard work, all you have to do now is sit back and relax in your newfound comfortableness!

Your Barefoot Dreams blanket can’t keep the same level of softness it had when you first received it. The story of comfort and warmth that you have paid for will always remain the same for an extended period.

Should you consider buying a barefoot dreams blanket?

Everyone is going crazy over Barefoot Dreams blankets. Even after knowing how much they cost, People are buying them. So it is best to decide fast and buy a barefoot dream blanket. What do you think: Is it worth it to spend around $200 on a single piece of bedding?

The answer is yes. Even though its material is not always of the highest quality, its comfort level is high. Because it is made of polyester, you would not expect it to have an extra cozy feel.

Barefoot dream blankets are so soft that when you touch them, you would run to the cashier and buy it. Even though the price is high, the comfort and quality are things you would not hesitate to invest in, would you?

There’s a good reason why barefoot blankets are so expensive. It is hard to decide whether to buy such an expensive product. After all, no one needs a $60 blanket, to be honest. However, I adore the Barefoot Dreams blankets (I have three of them!). – YES, without a doubt. 

Can I buy a dupe?

We’d all like to feel the warmth and comfort of a Barefoot Dreams throw blanket. Yet, it is expensive for many people. You’re considering looking for a knockoff to save some money.

According to popular opinion, dupes are not worth the effort. If you’re looking for comfortable and affordable cover-ups, look for less expensive brands. You can find high-quality blankets at an affordable price from many different brands.

Furthermore, dupes may save you some money, but for what exactly are you sacrificing? Because workers aren’t paid enough and materials aren’t suitable. Manufacturing processes and plants don’t follow safety rules and imitation products are cheap.

You could save money at the expense of unfair labor and the destruction of the environment. It is a great choice to protect the environment by spending extra pennies. So do not hesitate to make the right decision.

It is preferable to strive for higher-quality products rather than sacrificing your comfort.

Reasons for not buying a Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a blanket, sweater, shoe, or handbag; I’m opposed to duplicating anything. BArefoot dream blankets are not “hacks” for getting a better deal on a higher-end product because a lower price for you comes at a higher cost for other people and the planet.

Home, fashion, and beauty “dupes” are less expensive than their original counterparts. The prices of barefoot dream blankets have been reduced. The materials, manufacturing location and processes, and distribution channels are hard to find.

Cheap knockoffs of high-end brands and products aren’t worth the harm they cause to other people and the environment.

You can be hasty and search on google for a barefoot dream blanket. Please, please, please don’t give in to temptation. In a dupe, you won’t get the same level of quality. Barefoot Dreams will not meet your expectations. You might end up generating more waste because of throwing away the dupe. You might even buy a genuine blanket.


Without a doubt, the Barefoot Dreams blanket provides unparalleled comfort. These beds help us with our problems, and they need cleaning. 

We have made a financial commitment, ensuring that every penny is well spent. The act of purchasing one does not conclude with the buy price paid. The use of the product necessitates the maintenance of its freshness and fragrance.

We hope that now that you have received instructions on how to wash a Barefoot Dreams blanket, you will be able to apply them to the ones you already own. Your money will never go to waste if you handle it with the proper amount of care.


Do Barefoot Dreams blankets wash well?

Barefoot Dreams can wash these blankets, but they might lose some of their squishy feels. It is hard to maintain the softness of barefoot dream blankets. It is better to wash your blanket with warm water. That doesn’t matter how often you wash these throws; they still feel very luxurious.

What are Barefoot Dreams made?

You will find them in many different styles. Still, most of them are made of 100% polyester microfiber, which is very soft and warm.

You can find some made of rayon or nylon. Still, the Cozychic microfiber blankets have taken the home décor world by storm like no other blankets have ever done before!

Can you dry Barefoot Dreams blankets?

Every one of our items can be washed and dried. It is best to dry a barefoot dream blanket in the low settings of your dryer.

How do Barefoot Dreams blankets stay soft?

Here’s how to take care of your Barefoot Dreams blanket. It’s hard to keep your Barefoot blanket to remain as soft as it was when you first received it. Wash your Barefoot Dreams blankets, but they will get a bit rough due to the washing process. Use a gentle detergent to wash barefoot dreams blanket.

Will Barefoot Dreams blankets shed?

The sweater will not shed until you have washed it and follow the washing instructions. Customer service at Barefoot Dreams would tell you not to use any heat and even hand wash and hang dry your items.

How to stop the Barefoot Dreams blanket from shedding?

Coldwater with a mild detergent is best for results. It is also recommended to air fluff or flat dry the garment. Please take good care of your Barefoot Dreams product to ensure that it retains its softness.

What material are barefoot dreams?

100-percent polyester microfiber material. Barefoot dream blanket won’t pill, shrink, or tear. The Barefoot Dream is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. 

Are Barefoot Dreams on Amazon real?

All Barefoot Dreams merchandise available on Amazon is genuine. Many Unauthorized sellers sell barefoot dream blankets at a discounted price. Barefoot Dream blankets are a must, but finding one at a lower price is hard.

Do Barefoot Dreams blankets go on sale?

It is had to find a barefoot bream blanket at a lower price. If you get a discount on the barefoot dream blanket, try to buy it.

What blankets do the Kardashians use?

Blanquil blankets are popular among celebrities. It is now a favorite of the Kardashians. 

Blanket Review

I have used the blanket and found it is the softest blanket. The quality and the material of this product are good. I am satisfied buying a barefoot dream blanket. You can wash the barefoot dream blanket with laundry detergent. Do not use a harsh detergent to clean your blanket. You can dry the barefoot dream blanket on low heat. The low setting of your drier is perfect for your blanket. 

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