What is a mattress in a box

What is a mattress in a box? Each and every interesting fact

A mattress placed in a container can be compared to a regular mattress. The only difference is that it’s compressed in an air-tight bag and put into a roll before shipping. It’s then placed in a container like a mini-fridge to be transported. After it is delivered to you, this sleek container is much easier to move than an ordinary mattress. This type of purchase allows the possibility of selecting your mattress online and then having it delivered to your home.

It is obvious the innerspring mattresses would not work well when rolled into this size. The most popular mattress that is packed is memory foam. But there is a wide range of latex and hybrid alternatives to choose from.

Mattress-in-a-box options are available for all standard-sized beds. Most of the time, boxes will work to frames of the bed, as well as the box springs you already have.

What Is the Function of a Mattress in a Box?

Mattresses in boxes are an upgraded model of mattress purchasing model, which eliminates the need to visit a retailer. After you’ve received the mattress that was folded, the only thing you’ll need to do is remove it out of the box, lay it out on the floor, and relax and let the mattress expand. 

The design of the foam mattress will ensure that your mattress will get back to its original shape after it has been removed. The entire process allows us to eliminate the traditional innerspring mattresses delivery process and decrease the expense to the customer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a mattress in a box?

Advantages of a Mattress in a Box


Mattress-in-a-box manufacturers seem to have hit the right place with regards to the selection of mattresses sufficient to meet a variety of needs and preferences. But not enough that they’re overwhelming to choose the ideal mattress. The majority of manufacturers offer a couple of high-quality mattress models. In all instances, the mattress industry offers the firmer mattress as well as the kind of sleeper that will be the most comfortable.

As bed in a box mattresses are made out of memory foam (which permits the necessary compression), generally speaking, they’re somewhere between firmness and softness; however, there are a few variations. The most significant variation is in the other elements. Particular mattresses are equipped with cooling gel layers or copper-infused toppers to regulate your body’s temperature. 

Different mattresses place the foam layer in various ways to provide the best sleep quality and sleep preferences. While your bed-in-a-box choices might be limited, there are plenty of options to choose from and features. You can evaluate to determine which one is best suited to your needs.

Savings on expenses

Bed-in-a-box mattresses are an excellent option for the cost. While specific models are on the top end of the price spectrum with price but most mattresses inboxes are priced reasonably incredibly when compared to traditional mattresses. Furthermore, numerous companies provide discounts and specials often this means you’ll find yourself an affordable new mattress for less than you’d pay for an innerspring mattress at a furniture store.

A significant part of these savings can be attributed because businesses selling mattresses-in-a-box typically provide their mattresses on their websites. The absence of physical locations helps mattress manufacturers reduce costs to cover overhead. In addition, packing mattresses into smaller boxes decreases the shipping costs, and mattress makers then pass on savings to the customer.

Efficient Delivery methods

If you buy something like a mattress from a furniture store, it’s typical to buy one from the warehouse. And then plan delivery, the cost of which may or might include in the cost price of the mattress. If not, it’s your own to move and put up your new bed, which could be difficult based on the area you reside in.

By buying the bed in a box, it will arrive right on your doorstep. In addition, most of the time, the cost of shipping is not paid for.

If you’re not ready to put up and move your bed by yourself, some firms offer delivery with white gloves. If you are willing to have to pay an additional fee for delivery, you can have the bed set up, mattress delivered along with the old bed removed. Keep in mind that there are restrictions on this kind of service. In some instances, it is only eligible to receive the mattress you took off when you’ve purchased the mattress.

Trials with No Risk

Because it’s impossible to try the mattress in the box before purchasing, the comfortable mattress manufacturer offers a sleep trial. The sleep trial lasts between 75 to 101 days; however, some offer one year. 

If at any point during the trial, you decide that the mattress isn’t suitable for the person you’re searching for, you are able to return it to receive a full refund. The majority of mattresses returned during testing are given to local charities or handed to employees to purchase at huge discounts.

If you’ve spent up to 3-months on your mattress and you’ll be able to assess the effectiveness of the firm mattress for you. It is important to note that most mattress manufacturers start the clock during the trial period once the mattress has been delivered. After the generous sleep trials end, it’s an option to take the mattress back in case there is a problem that’s covered under warranty. 

While online mattress companies provide full refunds, they will not include any discounts you’ve earned or received, and you won’t receive a reimbursement for the costs of shipping or delivery. However, the possibility to test the mattress for the duration of a few months for free is attractive. It can help pressure relief ease the anxiety out of buying an actual mattress of boxes.

Simple to assemble

Are you concerned about the best method to transport your mattress? There’s no need to worry about carrying a significant mattress to and from the stairs or putting it on tiny door frames. The box-like shape will help to move it into the bedroom.

Purchase Directly from the Manufacturer

The option of purchasing your mattress directly from the manufacturer instead of an online retailer gives you benefits like warranties that are extended, as well as an opportunity to try it for free. Our customer support department is open 24/7 to help you if you experience any difficulties or aren’t sure of the right mattress for your needs.

Simple Returns

If you discover that you aren’t enjoying the Casper mattress after your trials of up to 100 days, you can return it to us for a full refund. Contact us, and we’ll be able to assist you in arranging to obtain your mattress exchanged or returned.

Cons of a Mattress in a Box 

It is not always possible to “try before you buy.”

Although purchasing showrooms may reduce the cost of mattress-in-a-box beds, it does not eliminate the possibility of attempting to test the mattress before buying it. If you opt for an attempt to test the mattress, you’ll have to buy the mattress and then request an exchange in the event that the mattress isn’t for you. A majority of experts suggest lying in a bed for a minimum of 10 minutes before making a purchase decision. 

However, when it comes to mattresses that are made of boxes, you’re obliged to trust the description of the product and reviews in the event that you’re looking at an item that’s sold in a real showroom. It’s not pleasant to receive the mattress you’ve selected only to discover that you aren’t thrilled with it, and then you’re forced to start the process over.

Base Requirements

If you purchase an item in a box, make sure you know that the bed frame may not be appropriate to accommodate the mattress made of memory foam. Memory foam mattresses require strong bases such as platforms. Without platforms, they may sink or make indentures that aren’t necessary, and the damage might not be covered under warranty. 

Box springs aren’t required to be used, but even if you don’t own an already-existing platform, they can be used to ensure that the frame for your bed is sturdy enough to support your mattress. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to purchase a platform frame to support your bed as well as another mattress to get the most benefit from it.

Mattresses in a Box Sleep Hotter

If you’re prone to sleeping on the hot side, it’s possible that you have difficulty sleeping on memory foam mattresses. These beds aren’t for you. Memory foam holds heat and restricts the circulation of air, meaning it can be difficult to move through the night in search of the coolest spot.

The good thing is that many mattress producers are well aware of the issue and are working to address it by changing the method of creating their mattresses and altering the materials they use. Covers made of the cooling material as well as foam layers designed to increase circulation and a host of other aspects that are part of their design are all intended to improve temperature control and prevent overheating.


One of the main issues with mattresses in a box that many have expressed concern about is the possibility of memories of foams smelling, especially when it’s new. It can take several days to allow a mattress placed in a container to expand following the delivery, and, often, the smell, which is created by a process known as off-gassing – will go away in a matter of days. For people with sensitivity to scents that come from mattresses made from memory foam, it can be unpleasant.

A mattress that is packaged in a package could be a good option for those looking to get a comfy bed; however, make sure to review reviews and go through the return and warranty policies and look over all the alternatives before you purchase. These mattresses aren’t suited for everyone, especially people who aren’t a fan of the feel of sleeping in memory foam. However, many customers are satisfied with their bed-in-a-box purchase, and you should be!

Can I repack the mattress in the box?

You can’t. Mattresses are compressed by massive machines, and you’re not in a position to squeeze or fold your mattress back into its box. If you opt to return your mattress, it’ll be returned with its original form by a charitable institution. It’s also important to note that online mattress companies will not pick up traditional models.

How long do mattresses in a box last?

Mattresses bought from reputable online sellers should be as long-lasting as mattresses bought from traditional showrooms, with the duration dependent on the kind and design, not the location it was purchased. 

Mattresses made from innerspring are among the most durable and last between 5 to 6 years. They are made of all-foam or individually wrapped coils are more durable and last for 6-to-7 years. All latex foam mattresses come with a long lifespan of 7-9 years.

Different online mattress brands offer different guarantees on their mattress-in-a-box models. So, those who want to be covered for their mattress for the duration of its lifespan should compare shops to find a warranty suitable to their needs.

How Much Do They Cost?

Prices start at $100 for a single-size mattress that’s affordable in boxes. The highest price I’ve seen for a luxury mattress with all the features is from $2000 to $3000.

I think you can find a top mattress that comes in box sizes (King size) for between $1000 and $2000. You’re likely wondering how these companies can offer high-quality mattresses at a lower cost than retailers. Here’s how:

  • They don’t require salespeople
  • Mattress don’t have to run a whole store, and all the costs associated with
  • They could be directly associated with the manufacturer or are accountable to the manufacturer.

The cost of the mattress box is usually inclusive of delivery. If the company has an excellent reputation in service, they’ll also allow returns.

Is the mattress in a box any good?

There’s a variety of quality and value on the market for mattresses on the internet, and it’s not easy to classify various mattresses as “good” or “not so great. The answer is dependent on the specific mattress.

Based on our testing, we have come across a range of excellent options on the market. Most of them are very inexpensive and strongly recommended by our experienced team of health specialists and sleep, specialists.

The testing procedure included checking the mattress for its durability and long-term use. In 2020 two of the top three most rated mattresses from CHOICE included mattresses in a box, like The Sleeping Duck Mattress and Emma Mattress. This shows that these mattresses can stand in the tests of time regarding their quality.

Can You Sleep On A Mattress In A Box Straight Away?

The answer is that it’s a matter of opinion. What is the issue? How long has the mattress been put inside its box?

In the event that your mattress is made in a different country. It’s been kept in its box for longer and may take longer to be compressed to the maximum height. Certain manufacturers require mattresses to remain in use for up to 72 hours before when you can use them. My mattress was produced in China and was able to be reduced to its maximum height in just a couple of hours. It was a bed the night we unpacked the box.

If the mattress you purchased was made or purchased or is not in its container for a long time period, the mattress could reach its maximum height within a few days. My parents purchased a brand new mattress last week. The mattress could grow to its highest height in a matter of minutes. I took measurements.

Does A Mattress In A Box Need A Box Spring?

No. Your mattress is simply in need of support from an enduring foundation that is distinct to the soil. What is the reason it’s not on the ground in the first place? The mattress placed on the ground may bring dirt and dust into the mattress, which can block air circulation.

The most suitable bases for the new mattress to be placed in boxes are:

  • A slat bed that has the slats spaced no three inches apart
  • A bed that can be adjusted
  • A frame of metal

If you already have a box spring and want to utilize it, then it’s okay. Check to see if it’s old and worn-out since the weight of the spring can cause the mattress to appear to look like it’s too loose. Traditional box springs can’t offer much air circulation, particularly when you’re buying an all-foam mattress that includes air that’s not capable of moving throughout the bottom and the foam.

Any Tips For Buying A Mattress Online?

Yes! Below are my best three strategies:

1. Before you start contemplating it, think about your sleep needs. Are you a person of lightweight sleeping on their backs (you’ll require a mattress that is cushioned)? Are you two with distinct preferences? Perhaps you’re a heavier person who sleeps on their stomachs. 

Consider these problems before looking for mattresses. Mattresses are incredibly beneficial as there are plenty of mattress firms that offer their beds as a “one size that fits everyone” solution; however that’s not always the scenario.

2. You need to look for good customer service. It’s an investment of a lifetime when you buy an online mattress. It’s not just about your financial investment and also a matter of your health. It is essential to ensure that you’re buying from a trustworthy firm that is true to its word should there be an issue.

3. Find the sleep tests that run up to 100 nights or longer. You must have a minimum of 30 days to experience the new mattress to find out if it’s the ideal option for your needs. This is especially important when your mattress is made of innerspring. And you’re looking to upgrade to a different type of mattress. You’ll need to wait a bit to adjust to the new layout before you decide whether the mattress is comfortable or uncomfortable.

Why Choose a Casper Mattress in a Box

Everything is risk-free

Our 100-night trial is free, including free shipping, no return, and a 10-year warranty gives you the chance to try the Casper mattress risk-free. There are additional conditions and limitations that are applicable.

Deep Sleep Ergonomic Alignment

Our mattresses are specially designed to provide the alignment and comfort you need for a comfortable night’s sleep. If you’re a stomach, side, back, or stomach sleeper, we’ll provide you with the perfect pressure relief and support that you need to maintain a good alignment.

Premium Foams for Exceptional Comfort

Our top-quality mattress is made of foam that is comfortable and breathable. It provides comfort for cradling, and the ability to conform pressure relief. The hybrid collection combines pressure relief from our memory foam and additional lift from the soft yet durable pockets of coils.

Breathable Layers for a Cool Night’s Sleep

Most foams store the heat, but we favor open-cell foams that have tiny pores . It lets excessive heat escape to ensure you stay relaxed and comfortable while you’re asleep hot.

Award-Winning Customer Service

You can chat with an individual 24/7 and 7 days a week. Sleep specialists are only an email, call or chat away.

Easy Unboxing to Get Sleeping Right Away

To put your mattress set up for sleep, the initial step involves moving the mattress to the room you’d like your bed to be in. Following that, you need to unpack the mattress from the box and then lay it out flat.

The final step is to remove the plastic packaging and then let the mattress’s dimensions grow. That’s it! You’ll have your mattress prepared to be your bed within a matter of minutes.

How to Choose Your Mattress Size

If you’re thinking about what type of mattress to buy, then you’re in a good place. It is important to think about the dimensions that your room is in the case that you share the bed with other people as well as the space in your bedroom.

It is essential to take your height and size to select a mattress, in addition. For instance, someone shorter than six feet may prefer the twin. If they are more than 6 feet tall, they’ll prefer the queen size bed or California King mattress.


There you have it. You now have the answer to the question “What is a bed in a box?” and all the information you need to make the best option for you.

So that’s exactly what it sounds like: a mattress in a box. A mattress has been flattened and rolled industrially to fit into a small tidy box for simple shipping. There are several excellent beds in a box alternatives available. It provides excellent value for money and come in various materials.

Do you get proper knowledge about the bed in a box? If you have more questions about mattresses, you can comment below. And share your opinion also.

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