What is a Mattress Topper? Secret tips and tricks

A mattress is the bedding and the centerpiece of any bedroom. On the mattress, you can get the proper way to sleep and get cozy. It supports your weight and gives you sound sleep at night.

Now, a mattress topper is like the icings on the cake, a cover on the mattress. There are many different perspectives about the necessity and purpose of a mattress topper. But in general, if you want good, comfortable, and fresh bedding, then you may take count about mattress topper.

A Mattress topper isn’t something necessary for the mattress, but it keeps the main cushion clean and fresh for the everyday sleeping session. However, in this article there will be a discussion about mattress toppers and different important pieces of information about it, also some common questions answered.

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is an extra layer that sits on the main mattress and provides extra cushioning and comfort. It works as the label suggests. It stays at the top of the mattress provides the user comfort and keeping the mattress fresh.

There are versatile types of mattress toppers available in any size you want, from baby mattresses to king-size mattresses. However, the thickness also depends on your choice. In the next point, there will be a discussion about various types of mattress toppers. Let’s find out the most suitable one for you!

Types of Mattress Toppers

As mattress toppers can be a little expensive, so you must understand the types properly so buy what is your requirement. We don’t want our lovely readers to buy one expensive topper and later if it doesn’t work as necessary, that would be ironic.

So, here are the most common mattress topper types you will find in any bedding store around your residence –

1. Latex

Latex is a natural resource derived from rubber trees. Have you seen some sticky liquid coming out from the rubber tree? Latex is made from that liquid. However, there you will also find synthetic latex. So, if you want to choose organic latex, then check the label if there is “natural latex” is written.

Latex material is quite good in features and provides extra comfort, but it also has some disadvantages for some specific people. Here are some advantages of latex material mattress protectors –


  1. Great support for those who have joint pain and arthritis problems.

2. Antibacterial until you have an allergy to latex.

3. Gives a good bouncy feeling.

4. Provides firm support and cushioning.

5. As a natural product, the latex mattress topper lasts super long.


a. Some people may have allergies to latex.

b. Sometimes when newly bought, it may have a rubber smell(eventually goes away).

c. Natural latex is expensive.

2. Memory Foam Toppers

Memory foam topper is the most popular and one of the best mattress toppers among all of these types. This comfortable mattress topper comes in various thicknesses and densities, so you can choose whatever you want. Memory foam mattress protector supports the user’s weight pretty well and makes the bed better comfortable.


  1. Memory foam is hypoallergenic, so don’t worry about waking up at midnight for allergic problems.

2. Super soft and comfortable.

3. Moulds with the body are very comfortable.

4. If you accidentally buy any rigid or hard mattress, then as a mattress topper buy this one, it’ll provide the perfect comfort.

5. Gives comfort to people who have sore joints and arthritis.


• Can be smelly at first when newly bought.

• May feel hot sometimes.

3. Gel Memory Foam

Hot sleepers, huddle around! The Gel memory foam mattress topper is filled with gel-infused memory foam. This gives a soothing cooling effect in sleeping sessions. With better air circulation and temperature regulations, this mattress will not only help in sound sleep but also does pressure relief.


1. Soothing cooling effect helps to sleep soundly.

2. Ideal for hot sleepers.

3. Breathable cover keeps checking body temperature.

4. Filled with cooling gel foam.


• Pretty expensive.

• It’s difficult to clean sometimes.

4. Microfiber & Hollow Fiber Mattress Pads

Microfiber has soft, cushiony, squishy feelings and it provides the best comfort and support. On this squishy puffy topper, it has a very nice bouncy feeling. Hollowfiber is also a good material, but microfiber is better than hollowfiber in quality. Both of these are affordable and very comfortable to use.


• Super soft, squishy feeling and gives support.

Provides nice bouncy feelings on the topper.

• An ideal choice for any allergy sufferer.

Both of these materials are machine washable.


• Not ideal for those who have arthritis or joint pain.

• Though it’s affordable, sometimes it shows quite huge price tags.

5. Feather

A feather mattress Pads is also a great source of comfort and support for goodnight’s sleep. But, our goodnight sleep shouldn’t involve any innocent animal’s pain, forcefully plucking, or mistreatment.

So, before buying any feather mattress topper, must check the “cruelty-free” written tag. Duck and goose feather mattress topper is the ideal choice for feather matters toppers.


  1. Gives a super soft, comfortable touch in sleeping sessions.

2. The feather mattress topper is incredibly light, so easy to toss and move.

3. It’s ideal for colder sleepers because the feathers trap air in it and keep the body warm with the air.


  1. May involve mistreatment of innocent animals.

2. Not for hot sleepers.

3. Not ideal for those who have arthritis problems.

6. Fleece or Wool Toppers

Wool is considered a natural temperature regulator. It helps to regulate the body temperature by keeping it cold in summer and warm in summer. It naturally and automatically absorbs and releases the moisture, to feel the right body temperature. More importantly, it’s scientifically proven that wool can help in sleeping sessions more comfortably.


  1. Wools are hypoallergenic material to use.

2. Regulates body temperature automatically and naturally.

3. The wool mattress topper is super strong and lasts very long.

4. It’s washable in the machine.


a. As it’s super soft and comfortable, it won’t be ideal for joint pain patients.

b. This material is hard to find in the market.

c. Expensive.

d. Newly bought mattresses may have an odor.

What are the Purposes of getting Mattress Topper?

The main purpose of a mattress topper is to increase the lifespan of the mattress and ensure the comfort of the users. Here are some purposes of mattress topper-

1. Keeps the mattress clean and fresh

Mattress toppers are easy to clean and they keep the mattress fresh. The topper sits on the top of the mattress and prevents dust and dirt from going into the cushion. That’s how your mattress can be clean and fresh for a longer time. Plus, It’s easier to clean a mattress topper than a whole mattress. It’s also time-consuming.

2. Mattress topper is changeable

If you feel the mattress is too hard and firm, just changing the mattress topper to a softer and comfortable one can bring you the comfort you want. Save money! However, instead of changing any mattress, just change the mattress cover.

3. Increase lifespan of a mattress

As the mattress topper keeps the mattress fresh and clean, prevents spilling any food or dirt, so it increases the lifespan of the cushion. Your mattress topper will be worn out, not your mattress.

4. Save your money!

A mattress feels brand new, just with a new mattress topper. It increases the life of any mattress and saves the mattress. So, your money can be saved!

5. Extra layer of comfort

Whatever mattresses you may have, rigid or soft, a quality mattress topper can give the ultimate soft touch and comfortability you need. Choice of thickness is yours!

Do you need a Mattress Topper?

Now, one of the major questions people ask us is if they really need a topper or not? Simply the answer is Yes, you need a mattress topper.

There are lots of reasons behind my answer but I would like to show a few reasons.

1. To Adjust the Level of Comfort

After a long time of use, a mattress becomes flat and loses comfort. So you can’t enjoy a good night’s sleep on the mattress. In this case, an additional mattress topper is a great addition to adjust the level of comfort.

To keep your mattress in a good condition and make it long-lasting, a mattress topper really comes in aid. There are also some other advantages of using a mattress topper. It enhances the supportiveness of the mattress and adjusts the overall comfort level.

2. To Make Your Mattress Softer Or Firmer

Sometimes we need to adjust the firmness or softness of the mattress. To do so, a mattress topper comes in real aid. There are different types of mattress toppers available with different functions.

For example, When your mattress becomes flat and rough you can use a featherbed mattress pad.

The featherbed mattress toppers are used to increase the softness of the firm mattress.

Again, memory foam mattress toppers work the opposite of featherbed toppers. When your cushion is ultra-soft you have to use the memory foam mattress cover. It brings firmness to the mattress. So, ultimately, to ensure a good night’s sleep, a mattress topper is highly necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already covered so many facts about a mattress topper and I am almost at the end of this content. But, while researching on the topics; mattress pads, topper, etc. I have found some common questions. You will be happy to know that, I have gathered the questions and in this segment, I am going to answer the questions. So, let’s hop in with me.

Does a mattress topper help?

Yes, it does. A mattress is a great help for the life of the mattress and user comfort. Though many people don’t find it mandatory to use a cover on the mattress, it’s just perspective. If you want to get extra comfort, give your mattress extra life, and save your money, then better take the help of a mattress protector.

What are the main differences between mattress toppers and mattresses?

The mattress is bedding where you can sleep and the mattress topper is the cover of the cushion. It covers the mattress and prevents dust distorts entering into the mattress. The cover prolongs the life of the mattress.

Can you use a mattress topper as a mattress?

No, you can’t. Mattress protectors or toppers have an extra layer of comfort and softness, but they won’t be enough to use as a bed. Everything is designed to do the specific thing, mattress toppers can’t do the job of mattresses.

Can a mattress topper make the old mattress feel like new?

To be honest with you, it isn’t actually made to perform this task. Instead, it works even better for the new mattress and to keep it durable.

If your existing mattress is too old and worn out then I think the mattress cover may not come to good use. In that case, you better invest in the mattress and purchase a new mattress. This time don’t forget to use a mattress topper.

However, for a semi-old mattress, a topper can be helpful. Generally, they provide a cushioning layer and cover up the lumps on the mattress. As a result, the old mattress will feel like a new one.

Final Verdict

Overall, here ends the discussion of mattress toppers. Mattress toppers are important to last long the life of the mattress and it gives the user comfort. So, check out the descriptions of mattress toppers and make your own choice!

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