Where to throw away mattress

Where to throw away mattress? ( The ultimate guide)

Are you dissatisfied with the mattress you have? And do you want to throw away the mattress? No problem! By following ways, you can vary significantly dispose of a mattress.

Mattresses are huge and heavy items that can be difficult to remove. If you’d like to get rid of your mattress, you can cover it with plastic and then place it on the ground or tear it up and dispose of it in trash bags.

Once you’ve done reading, it’s time to throw of your old mattress. And take a new mattress for a restful sleep. Let’s look at all methods dispose of a mattress.

1. Examine your mattress

The first step to figuring out the best way to dispose of your bed is to determine the condition in which it’s. Get rid of all bedding and any other bedding and then take the time to assess the condition of your mattress. Great? Good? You’ll need to offer your mattress for sale or donate it. Okay? Poor? You’ll need to recycle the item.

2. Purchase it

The first step to figuring out the best way to dispose of your bed is to determine the condition in which it’s. Get rid of all bedding and any other bedding, and then take the time to assess the condition of your mattress. Great? Good? You’ll need to offer your mattress for sale or donate it. Okay? Poor? You’ll need to recycle the item.

3. Mattress Recycling

If you’re unable to locate the right place to give away your mattress, or if your mattress isn’t suitable for sleeping on, then the best alternative is to recycle. Nearly twenty million mattresses end in landfills annually, with every mattress taking up approximately forty cubic inches of room. This significantly contributes to the volume of landfills that results in significant environmental and ecological issues and dangerous conditions for people around the globe.

About 80-90 percent of mattresses can be demolished and reused. However, the recycling regulations, laws, and standards are different for each state, county, or even the individual town and city ordinances.

4. Recycling Centers in Area

Mattresses are accepted as-is at some recycling locations. While it could require some digging, most cities have at least one recycling center in the area that will take in a complete mattress. 

Some facilities have contracts with other companies to take mattresses to recycle with a minimal cost. A few States contain laws to permit mattress recycling and pickup affordable or free via Extended Producer Responsibility Programs.

If you’re having difficulty finding recycling centers that will accept mattresses for recycling, there are some very useful databases to use.

a. Local Government Offices

Numerous towns and cities have municipal offices that handle local matters with recycling and trash. The department that handles the issues might be named various things in different locations.

Look up your town or city to determine which department is responsible for trash and recycling. It’s possible that your particular town might not have a recycling program. However, most cities and towns do. Contact the local municipal office for details on how and where to recycle mattresses.

b. Goodbye, Mattress:

The database, operated through the Mattress Recycling Council, is specifically targeted at states with EPR laws (as previously mentioned, Connecticut, Rhode Island as well as California).

If you reside in one of these states, you can visit the website to find the cheapest or no-cost access to a program that will recycle your mattress.

c. Local Residential Facilities:

Suppose you’re having difficulty finding a location to dispose of your mattress; look into local establishments, businesses, and facilities that accommodate individuals daily. This could include hotels, universities, and hospitals, in addition to other places.

Because of their greater than average requirement for mattress disposal, many have partnerships with local disposal companies. They could be able to direct you to the location of a recycling facility that will accept mattresses.

d. 911 for the Earth:

The website of this organization hosts one of the most comprehensive recycling databases, which includes over 100,000 facility listings in all of the US and Canada.

You can search for mattresses-friendly establishments close to your area code and sort by criteria such as how much they require fees or whether or not they provide pickup. You can also connect to the database by calling their hotline 1-800-CLEANUP.

5. Donate it

If your mattress is in good shape, consider donating to a local charitable organization or a business that takes mattresses for donation. Certain companies offer free pickup, and your mattress could be eligible for tax-deductible tax.

You can give your mattress to the following organizations:

a. Charity:

 Charity is home to 162 locations throughout Canada and the US. Some Goodwill locations will even remove mattresses from your hands if they’re clean and in decent condition. Visit your nearest Charity for more details.

b. Town of Donation: 

Donation Town is a great online resource to locate charitable organizations in your region. All you have to do is type in your zip code and connect with the local organization.

c. The Rescue Army: 

The Salvation Army will pick up mattresses free of charge in select regions. If not, take your mattress to the rescue Army nearest you. But, it should be free of tears, holes, and any other harm. Contact the Salvation Army beforehand to make sure that they’ll be able to accept your mattress. Donations can be tax-deductible!

d. Catholic Relief Services: 

Catholic relief across the US operates homeless shelters and housing programs that can make use of old mattresses. Visit their website to find programs close to you.

e. Homeless shelter: 

Homeless shelter owns a chain of thrift stores known as ReStore. Some stores will accept donations of mattresses and will even arrange for mattress pickup.

Another option is to reach local companies. Contact hospitals, hotels and universities, thrift stores, and homeless shelters within your region to determine if they’re in need of a mattress. If they aren’t, you could always ask them how they recycle their mattresses. They will help you according to your needs.

6. Throw way of Your Mattress

In certain situations, it is possible that you will not be in a position to recycle or donate your mattress. It could be that the mattress you have isn’t suitable to be donated, or you cannot locate a recycling center near enough to accept the mattress.

Whatever the reason, if you’re not able to donate or give away, recycle or even upcycle your mattress, you always have the option of throwing it away.

The regulations for garbage disposal are different according to the state and city, and you can locate the regulations for your particular city or state by an easy Google search.

If you are in a location that allows you to throw away a mattress using the regular garbage, be sure you know any additional rules to avoid paying fines or a refusal to pick up. In many locations, you’ll be asked to cover your mattress with plastic.

In some areas, you’ll be obliged to wrap your mattress in a specially designed mattress bag. To ensure your mattress is safe, wrap it with plastic and then seal it using packing tape.

There are certain municipalities with regulations and rules regarding the disposal of mattresses. In certain areas, there’s a monthly twice-weekly “heavy trash day” specifically to dispose of mattresses and other large objects. Certain waste management agencies have rules for throwing out many large items at one time.

If you’re unable to reduce their mattress, There are alternatives:

1. Utilize a rubbish disposal service:

Waste disposal companies are private firms that specialize in removing garbage that one would not be able to throw into the normal regular trash. Many professional and private waste removal firms offer mattresses for hauling as part of their offerings. Costs vary greatly, and it’s worth the effort to shop around for a quote and read reviews.

2. Request that your new mattress company transport your old one:

Certain mattress manufacturers provide mattress hauling as an element of delivery options. If you are looking to purchase a new mattress, make sure to inquire whether this is a service offered. 

A mattress company might offer transport free of charge to encourage you to purchase, but typically, the companies that will pick up the mattress you have previously used when they deliver the new one will ask for the payment of a small amount, usually not more than $50.00.

However, it’s not as straightforward as just placing the mattress along an edge of the highway. Many cities, states, and towns have specific laws and regulations regarding the disposal of mattresses. Some do not allow the disposal of a complete mattress in the garbage. In these areas, curbed mattresses may not be taken away during garbage days and could lead to an infraction or a fine.

7. Reuse it

If you are a DIY enthusiast and build things yourself, take down the box springs and mattress yourself. Mattresses can be made up of valuable materials like polyurethane foam, steel latex foam, memory foam, natural fibers, wood parts nails, screws, and many more.

You can use the materials for a variety of purposes, including:

Home improvement projects:

The mattress’s foams and cotton from the mattress you have discarded can be used to create a variety of things in your home. They can be cut up and used for carpet padding and insulation filters, seats and pillows for pets, and many more.

Crafts & arts:

The material that covers your mattress could make an excellent DIY rug. The mattress pads can be cut down into smaller sizes and make cleaning sponges. There are screws and nails inside your mattress that could be used to create crafts and art.

Recycling the components:

Take the steel components and springs from the mattress and make them available to the local scrap yard or scrap metal recyclers within your region. If your mattress is made of wool, cotton, silk, or polyester, these materials can be reused as well.


The springs and coils of your mattress can be broken down and transformed into a variety of objects like candle and plant holders, ornaments, bird feeders, and more.


The wooden pieces of your mattress to use to plant your garden. Once you’ve shredded the mattress, it’s well for mulching lawns. Compost containers can also be made out of wooden slats.

8. Destroy and throw away your mattress

1. Cut and remove the mattress’s tying rope:

If you’ve got the tools you need and some space, you might be able to take matters to your own and dismantle your mattress on your own. Utilize a seam ripper or a utility knife to cut the thread along the edge of your mattress, where the piping ends. Take hold of the thread and take it away from the mattress completely.

2. Separate the mattress’s sides:

Remove the fabric covering the edges of the mattress. After removing the cord, it should be easy to take off the entire fabric on the sides, covering the mattress’s interior.

3. Discard the leftover fabric and puffy foam:

When the sides are taken off After that, cut off any other material that’s located on the exterior from the mattress. Then, take out the entire fluffy foam material that’s been stuffed in the interior of the mattress. You can then place it into garbage bags. It can be taken to a recycling center or put in your garbage bin.

4. Steel springs should be cut and reused:

After you have removed all your filler, there should have a few springs left. Cut springs in smaller chunks with bolt cutters or wire cutters. If you’re creative, you could keep the pieces of metal and use them to make the wine racks and potholders you want and much more. 

If you don’t, think about donating the fragments to a recycling facility or scrapyard. The scrap metal can be valuable, and placing it in an area that is prone to landfill isn’t a great idea.

5. If you’re also getting rid of your box spring, divide it:

Begin with a screwdriver and take off the plastic pieces that are stuck on the corner. Cut and tear the dust cover, revealing the frame underneath. 

Make use of pliers to loosen the staples holding your fabric. After that, remove all the foam and cotton from the inside, and remove all the remaining fabric. Make use of a handsaw or hand-held buzz saw, to cut the frame down into pieces.

  • You can throw the wood pieces in your compost pile, or used for firewood. You can also throw them away.

What Is the Cost to throw away Mattress?

Mattress removal costs vary from $10 to $700, based on the amount and size of mattresses you’re getting out of, in addition to the services you pick and the place you’re located.

The cost for the junk removal service is $297. This typically includes nine cubic yards or three pickup truck loads of junk.

If you’re trying to get rid of several mattresses and other household waste, renting a dumpster will be the most affordable option. The typical cost of 20 yards of dumpster rental is $447. That’s more than twice the amount of trash and will accommodate several mattresses as well as box springs.

When renting a dumpster to throw away mattress and box spring, you can select a container size corresponding to the amount of waste you have. You may also keep your dumpster on-site until you’re done cleaning up, making it a more convenient and effective disposal choice.

Final thought

Finally, if all else fails, you may probably put the old mattress in with the rest of the trash or have it carted away. Check your municipal, state, or city regulations to see if special rules regarding mattress disposal in your region.

You can take a waste disposal service. There is great customer service in the Facebook marketplace. Some areas need you to carefully wrap your mattress in plastic, while others require you to purchase a properly designed mattress bag to use.

I know you can throw away the old mattress you don’t like. Because now you know mattress disposal tips and mattress recycling ways. Right???

So throw away the mattress by following the easiest drop-off tips.

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