How to clean a shark vacuum filter

How to clean a shark vacuum filter?[ Effective method in 2022]

Is your Shark vacuum losing suction? One of the primary reasons for this could be the frequency with which the vacuum has been cleaned (or didn’t). Although we all are awestruck by our vacuum cleaners, we often overlook them until there’s a problem. So here you get ideas to clean a shark vacuum filter.

Vacuum cleaners can be a great aid in getting rid of dirt, dust, small pieces of debris, and even dander. Additionally, Shark is among the most trusted vacuum cleaners on the market due to its suction power and the latest technology. What if it’s the Shark vacuum that requires cleaning?

So there’s no need to be concerned. Why should we spend money on repairs or replacements if all we need is to take maintain and care for it?

By following our step-by-step instructions for cleaning the Shark vacuum and your vacuum will soon be back to its normal, efficient self.

Is It Possible to Clean Shark Vacuum Filters?

There are many Shark vacuum owners who are asking whether you can be able to wash Shark filtering? Yes, you can make use of a washer to clean the filter of the vacuum.

 According to the manufacturer, the primary filter must be cleaned once a month, and the HEPA filter should be cleaned at least once a year. Rinse them off with cold water only.

What are the indicators a Shark vacuum needs cleaning?

Pressure loss:

It occurs. A huge hairy fuzzball or a venerable filtration system that has stopped filtering could block the vacuum and stop suction. Whatever the reason, an absence of suction is the initial indication that someone requires an effective cleaning.

Dirt that is still visible:

When it’s at its best when it’s at its peak, a Shark vacuum will not leave the trail of crumbs or debris. When it doesn’t, it’s an obvious sign that it’s in need of being cleaned.

Strange noise: 

It’ll be obvious certain when your Shark seems to be breathing heavily. This is because it’s. It can be extremely difficult on the motor of the vacuum.

Unfavorable odor:

A Shark vacuum is not supposed to emit a smelly, filthy odor. In the event that it does, think of it as a sign that this vacuum is due for effective cleaning.

What Is The Most Effective Method For Cleaning A Shark Vacuum Filter?

Plastic Filters

A shark vacuum is typically equipped with felt and foam filters. Some models of shark vacuums have three or more filters, which comprise foam rubber or felt.

If there is an obstruction in one of these filters, this causes the vacuum’s suction which means that your vacuum becomes ineffective at removing dirt. This results in dirt being removed during cleaning.

For vacuuming the vacuum sand filter, you must first clean the dirt canister off, then remove the filter. After you have completed this procedure, make sure you take note of the purchase to ensure that you are ready to return the items in the same order in which it was taken out.

If you are removing those foam filters, set the bowl in. Then wash them with warm soapy water.

Clean the foam filters thoroughly and then rinse. If the filters are clean, you will be capable of putting them back in the vacuum.

Avoid placing water or filters that aren’t fully dried in your vacuum cleaner, as they can trigger mold and mildew problems within your vacuum cleaner.

HEPA Filters

The other filter you will come across in the majority of shark vacuums are the HEPA filter. It helps to keep dust particles from getting caught that pass by the filters made of plastic. HEPA filter requires periodic and complete cleaning in order for your vacuum to perform at its full capacity.

The model of your shark vacuum could have two HEPA filters. This lets you switch between each filter, lessening the impact of continual use on filters.

The HEPA filters below in the container that holds dirt. To get them in first, remove the canister before carefully taking away the HEPA filters. Make sure to thoroughly wash each filter using mild soaps and water. Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaning chemicals while cleaning your filters.

After you have cleaned the filter, let them completely dry before putting them back in the vacuum. It could be that the plastic shark filters take longer to dry as compared to HEPA filters.

This is the reason it is advised to keep an additional filter set in your bag in order to utilize the second set when the ones you wash dry.

Keep in mind that the filter gets worse with age, and you’ll eventually require replacement. If you find that cleaning does not help to boost the suction capacity that your machine has, then you may have to replace the filter.

When you purchase new filters for the shark vacuum you own, make sure that the filter is a good one for your vacuum. It is suggested to purchase replacement filters in advance so that you can avoid inconveniences and delays. Don’t wait until the filter has been damaged before buying an alternative.

The frequency at which you need to wash filters HEPA filters will depend on how dusty the house becomes. While the manufacturer suggests that you remove your filter twice each year if you own pets or live with several people, it is recommended to perform it twice every year rather than.

When should I renew my Shark vacuum filters?

The owner’s manual will most likely suggest the foam/felt and HEPA filters are changed when you realize that the machine’s suction is decreasing regardless of cleaning your filters in the manner previously mentioned. It’s a sure sign that the filters aren’t efficient.

To ensure that I am on the safe side, and because they’re inexpensive, my method is to change the foam/felt filter annually, as well as the HEPA filter when needed.

How to clean the dust filter on a Shark vacuum

The filter of a vacuum cleaner traps dust and dirt particles that are collected from your carpets or hard floors, putting them into the dust container instead of exchanging them out into the air. Filters also keep fine dirt and dust particles getting into the motor and clogging the machine, which is why it’s essential to clean them regularly.

The Shark cordless vacuums feature two kinds of filters. The first one is situated near the front of the motor. People know for its pre-motor filters. It is comprised of one felt and one foam filter. Also, there’s the post-motor filter which is a piece of plastic that is situated between the filters as well as the canister for dust.

To open the filters, regardless of whether it’s a Shark cleaner with a cordless motor or one of the upright models, you need to remove the dust container and remove the foam and felt filter from the top of the canister. 

Remove the post-motor filters. If you own one on a Shark motorless vacuum, it’s located inside the main unit of the vacuum. Just grab the filter and pull it backward.

When using Shark upright vacuums, the housing for the filter is placed beneath the dust container. To get it out, place your vacuum back, then press the button for filter release to take off the housing and let the filter out. Then, pull the filter forward in order to take it off.

Both types of filters are washable, and they should be cleaned with warm water before being allowed to air dry prior to being put back in place. Do not use soap since it could make the filters become blocked and should be put back into place prior to turning to the vacuum. In this case, you will not have enough suction for cleaning your floors.

Shark suggests cleaning the pre-motor filter every month at a minimum and the post-motor filters at least once per year. However, it is possible that more frequent cleaning will be required if your vacuum is used frequently.

5 methods to Clean a Shark Vacuum Cleaner

There are numerous Shark models that are available, and all will come with some minor differences from one other.

If you’re a Shark vacuum user and want to know more about the manual for your specific model, find the relevant parts and discover how to maintain them. However, the cleaning procedure is the same and can be used for all Shark models.

Be aware of the three primary components to taking care of the Shark vacuum. It includes the canister, the filter, and the brush that rotates.

1. Remove the Shark Vacuum from the outlet.

Prior to performing any maintenance, make sure you unplug the vacuum. Don’t clean the vacuum once it’s plugged. Ideally, you should put an old cloth or newspaper under the vacuum to prevent mess. If you find that your Shark vacuum gets particularly filthy, it is possible to take the cleaning outdoors.

2. Clean and remove the container.

After that, take out the dust bag or the canister from the container and take out the trash. It is important to clean the canister on a regular basis or before it has reached the maximum capacity. 

To cleanse the canister, clean it using soap and water. The canister is not equipped with an electrical connection, so the submersion of it in water will not pose an issue.

In addition, you can employ a toothbrush for cleaning the crevices inside the canister. Once you’ve scrubbed it off, wipe it clean using an absorbent towel, then allow it to dry. Make sure the canister is totally dry prior to reassembling, which can require up to 24 hours. After the canister has been dismantled from the machine, you’ll be able to access the filters.

3. Wash the Filters

Shark vacuums usually have two filtering options: the first one as well as HEPA filter. Depending on your Shark vacuum model, the majority of primary filters are constructed of foam rubber, and the majority of secondary filters are constructed of felt. You should remove them as you remember the date, so you can put them again in the right order afterward.

To cleanse and maintain the filtered primary as well as HEPA filter, as well as the primary HEPA filter, wash the hands using cool water (the manufacturer does not recommend soap). 

After washing, let both filters completely dry over a minimum of 24 hours prior to replacing. The primary filter should be rinsed at least once every month while cleaning the HEPA filter at least once a year.

4. Clean the Spinning Brush

Once you’ve cleaned your filters, it is time to cleanse the brush. If you’ve not cleaned them in a while, there could be hair threads, carpet fiber, and even debris in the roller. A dirty or clogged brush roller could significantly diminish the suction capacity of a vacuum, particularly one like a Shark vacuum.

To wash the rotating brush, start by taking the floor attachment out of the brush handle. Utilize a pair to remove any dust or hair that has become entangled inside the brush. Be careful not to harm the bristles. Use a soft toothbrush to thoroughly clean any dust. Your rotating brush is now ready to go.

If you’d like to clean the rotating brush better, You can rinse the brush in cold water, making use of your fingers to scrub off any dirt. When you reattach the brush, allow it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours. The goal is to wash the rotating brush following many cleaning sessions in order to preserve the efficiency of your Shark vacuum.

5. Dismantle the Shark Vacuum and reassemble it

After you’ve removed the filters, canister, and rotating brush, you are now able to put them back together in the unit. Be sure to dry everything before attaching each piece. The damp or wet parts could cause mildew and mold to develop inside the vacuum cleaner, which can cause respiratory issues or allergic reactions.

After you’ve put everything together After everything is put together, Give the Shark vacuum an easy clean to make sure the outside remains as tidy as the inside. It’s a great feeling having your favorite cleaner looking new if you’ve done all of the above steps; congratulations! You’re Shark vacuum is in great condition.


Here you go. Here you get our suggestions for cleaning the Shark vacuum in order to ensure that it is in good condition.

Now you don’t need to be concerned! You can have an uncluttered Shark vacuum without the loss of suction power or having to deal with unpleasant odors.

We hope that our easy guide will help novice to experienced Shark owners maintain their loved Shark vacuums.

By following these guidelines, it is easy to maintain your cleaning chores by using the most efficient and tidy shark vacuum!

Please let us know in the comments section below If you have any queries! Share this article with your friends.

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