How much does a truck bed weigh

How much does a truck bed weigh? Clear all doubts

Do you need to know what the bed of a truck weighs? We’ve looked into these questions and have some answers for you. When estimating how much weight your vehicle can handle, knowing how much does a truck bed weigh might be critical.

This is mostly determined by the truck bed size: short, standard, or long. The bed of a full-size or long pickup truck can weigh up to 400 pounds. Standard-sized beds weigh between 300 and 400 pounds. And the smaller pickup vehicle weighs between 200 and 250 pounds.

Through this post, you’ll learn about the various dimensions of truck bed weights. If you wanna know the truck bed’s weight, you are in the right place.

Truck Bed Weighs for Different Vehicles

As technology advances, so does the cost of living.

Numerous companies also upgrade the designs of cars that have truck beds to increase their functionality and security.

Therefore, the length and the bed’s structural structure determine how much the bed of a truck weighs.

Here are some of the weights that apply to the most sought-after truck beds according to their lengths, dimensions, and compositional design:

1. Ford truck beds

The car brand Ford comes in three dimensions of truck beds; 5.5 feet, 6.5 feet, and the 8-foot version, which is as with the pick-up.

Ford is a well-known automobile brand. There cannot be any doubt about the fact that the cars are built with tough and high-quality steel as well as metals.

The various styles of side length that are found on the Ford truck bed are just one factor in determining the weight of the truck bed.

The three truck bed sizes all have the same width, which is 50.6 inches for each.

A 5.5-foot style side is an unweight that is not more than 600 pounds.

In contrast, it is true that a 6.6-foot Ford truck bed weighs 680 pounds, while the largest size of 8 feet could weigh between 750 and 800 pounds.

2. Utility truck beds

This type of bed for trucks is a one-time use truck bed. While a bed for a utility truck is not a different type of material from the standard steel truck bed, however, it’s different. The bed of a utility truck is constructed more robustly than a typical steel truck bed in order to be more durable and to hold more weight. There are compartments to store equipment for work or other items.

It is possible for a bed for a utility truck to boost the capacity of your vehicle significantly. A utility bed could be able to add more than 600 pounds to your vehicle. This 600 pound is over the 150-600 pounds your truck bed could already weigh. This means that a truck bed could weigh as much as half an ounce.

Although the massive weight gain of a bed for a utility truck might seem like a huge negative, there’s an important reason why professionals go for a bed in a utility truck. The bed of a utility truck is able to handle the largest load and can carry everything you require. The greater durability makes a utility bed an ideal option for those who run their own business or require the power of a work truck.

3. Pick-up truck bed

Pick-up is a type of vehicle that beds for trucks are classified into three categories: standard, short or long.

If you want a truck with a small bed, typically, the length is 5 to 6 feet and the widening to 50 inches.

The material that is used to construct the truck bed is high gauge steel, as well as metals. The bed’s plan for the truck ranges between 150-200 pounds.

In contrast, the most common dimensions of a pickup truck bed would be considered the more popular of the three. It has an overall distance of about six inches and an overall width of 60 to 65 inches.

The pickup comes with an extremely small truck bed. The substance that forms the body is made of metals that have a high gauge.

Therefore, they differ only by 80-90 pounds, which means a typical truck bed of between 240 and 290 pounds.

Because pick-up truck beds are made from heavy gauge steel, a large-sized truck bed that has a length of over 8 feet with 85-100 inches of width is quite massive.

In addition to the added length, the bed of a truck that is long pickups can weigh up to up to 600-550 pounds.

4. Toyota truck bed

Like Ford, another brand from outside the United States, Toyota also announced a new version of Toyota with a truck bed known as Tundra.

The beds are specially made to provide a better and more sturdy structure that can carry more weight.

This is why it has a weight that is different in various sizes.

Tundra truck bed comes in a variety of dimensions, like the following:

Then, you have three different sizes of 5.5 feet, 6.5 feet, or 8 feet, with weights of 350 pounds, 400 pounds, and 500 pounds, respectively.

5.F-250 truck bed

The capacity of a truck bed can differ quite a bit based on the year model of F-250 that you own. Ford began making use of Aluminum on their truck in the year 2017, and if you own an F-250 prior to that, it will weigh more than a bed for a truck from the same model year or later.

An F-250 truck bed weighs around 475lbs if it is made prior to 2017. The latest F-250 truck bed weighs approximately 300-350lbs.

The bed of a truck is designed to support loads of weight and therefore are sturdy and robust, regardless of whether they’re made of aluminum or steel, but when you take the bed off, the weight difference between them is quite apparent.

If you have the aluminum or steel truck bed, 4 strong individuals should be able to lift it off the frame with not having too much trouble. In fact, some individuals have reported that they were able to get it off with just two individuals.

6. Aluminum Truck Bed

The most sought-after improvement to the truck bed is opting for an aluminum bed. A bed made of aluminum is nearly as sturdy as steel truck beds, and it also has the benefit of weighing less.

An aluminum truck bed can weigh 100 pounds lighter than a steel bed similar in dimension. This reduction in weight can dramatically enhance the capacity of your vehicle.

There is another benefit of using aluminum instead of steel for truck beds. Aluminum is much greater in its flexibility than steel. This means that when you put heavy objects in your truck bed, the bed of your truck will stretch and rebound instead of scratching. A bed made of aluminum after a couple of years will be much less prone to dent marks than its steel counterpart.

7. Steel Truck Bed

The bed for trucks made of steel is the most popular choice for the majority of trucks. Steel is the preferred truck bed material due to its remarkable toughness.

Although steel isn’t as light or flexible as aluminum, it’s technically more durable. A truck bed constructed of steel will last a durable and long-lasting truck bed.

8.5-foot truck bed

In the bed of a truck, 5 feet is the most compact size. If you have a smaller truck with a bed that is 5-foot, it can weigh anywhere from 140lbs up to 200lbs.

The bed of a small truck ranges between 5 feet and 8 inches. This isn’t exactly the length. However, the figures are in the shape of these figures.

9.6-foot truck bed

A bed for a truck that is 6 feet is a standard-size truck bed. Generally, truck owners will use the standard size bed to transport their cargo.

It weighs anywhere from 150lb to 200lbs. They’re a bit heavy and will need two people to get them from the truck. They’re heavy, and while it’s difficult to take them off. They will always require someone to take them off in order to avoid damage.

10.8-foot truck bed

A truck’s weight for an eight-foot bed typically ranges from 400-600lbs. If the bed is equipped with an exit gate, then the weight is 500lbs.To lift an 8-foot bed for a truck, you’ll require at minimum 4 to 5 people.

11. Dodge truck bed

The dodge truck bed falls under the category of heavy truck beds. The weight range is between 300 and 500lbs.

You’ll need two or 3 people to lift it. Additionally, it’s an enormous amount of lifting weight. The truck bed also differs in its length.

12. Silverado truck bed

The GMC owner is a Silverado owner who said that a Silverado500hd cab crew that has the standard 6.5″, which is around 250lbs, but not more than 300lbs.

It is recommended to have three people minimum to transport the Silverado pickup bed from one location to another.

13. Tacoma truck bed

Its weight is based on the bed of the Toyota model Tacoma truck bed is 200-300lbs.

It’s not as heavy in comparison to the other truck bed. You can easily transport it using the assistance of two individuals.

14. CM truck bed

Cm bed truck beds are among the largest truck beds on this list. They’re so heavy they weigh in at least 700lbs. In addition, the most sought-after CM truck bed is 84×84, which means it weighs about 740lbs.

When your CM truck bed was skirted, it would weigh 754lbs.

To lift the CM truck in a safe manner you’ll need at least 4-5 people.

Factors Affecting Truck Bed Weight

The capacity on a bed for a truck doesn’t get simply a result of chance. A variety of aspects are considered in determining what the weight is of a bed for a truck. These factors are explained below:

1. Material Applied

The bed’s capacity to hold an automobile is dependent on the material it’s made of. Steel is a popular material for the construction of truck beds due to the fact that it is durable and strong. However, aluminum can be more durable and lighter. It all depends on the kind of aluminum alloy being used for material for the bed of the truck.

Truck beds are constructed to hold massive loads. This means that no matter the materials they are constructed of, they are extremely sturdy and robust. However, you’ll be able to see the distinction between a bed made of steel and one made of aluminum when moving the bed.

Today, a lot of automobile manufacturing firms are looking to reduce the weight of their vehicles in order to improve the efficiency of their fuel. We can therefore expect to see more vehicles built using aluminum frames, beds, and frames in the next few days.

2. Weight Group

The weight class of your vehicle will also determine the bed’s weight. For example, a Ford F-350 will weigh more when compared to the Ford F-150 truck bed. This is due to the fact that the bigger truck is generally bigger and more spacious, consequently using up more space to build. In addition, bigger trucks are constructed to handle greater loads, making them heavier. Therefore, large pickup truck beds weigh higher than small pickup truck beds.

3. Fashion and Style

The design and style of the truck’s bed can influence the weight of the bed. For instance, flatbeds typically weigh more than box trucks as well as step-side ones. This is due to the shape of the flatbed and the material used in its construction. Furthermore, a flatbed is slightly tilted in its design, which means there are more components and, consequently, an increased weight.

4. Pickup Truck Configuration

There are a variety of pickup trucks that are available on the market that meet your needs. There are light-duty trucks, heavy-duty models, and all the other models. Different pickups have frames and suspensions with different designs, which play an important impact on the bed’s capacity.

Furthermore, newer pickup trucks generally weigh less than comparable however older models. The reason for this is that the latest models are constructed from frames made of aluminum, while the older models are made comprised of steel. For instance, the more recent F-150 is equipped with aluminum frames, which make it weigh between 20 and 30 percent less than a bed for a truck similar in length out of steel. Furthermore, the latest Ford pickup trucks have smaller beds than Chevy, Toyota, GMC, and others.


Are you clear now on how much does a truck bed weigh?

Given various sizes and materials, this article told us how much a truck bed normally weighs. We also discovered that if your truck is a 4×4, you don’t need to add weight to the back to improve traction.

We hope that we have been capable of answering your query about the weight the bed of a truck weighs.

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