How to raise mattress on platform bed

How to raise mattress on platform bed

Are you suffering from healthy sleep? Can’t get the right solution to raise the mattress on the platform bed?

Don’t worry!!! It is a common problem. I give you proper support so that you don’t need to change the entire bed.

You have to give attention to the bed base. Foam mattresses come with three distinct profile options: high, low, and medium. For that, you can pick how high or low you wanna go. Platform beds are popular due to their versatility and ease of usage. They come with a built-in mattress base, eliminating the need for extra support items.

In this article, you get knowledge about platform bed risers. So it will be easy for you to make the bed higher. Here I discuss some ways and give solutions for bed lifts. Do you know the height of the bed can affect your sleeping experience? So you need to take important consideration for decide exactly what height you want.

Let’s dive in deeply.

What is a platform bed?

The right bed frame will ensure you have the ideal base every night. The difficult part could be selecting the most suitable bed base and then determining the kind of foundation you like. For many, the foundation is the platform bed.

A platform bed is constructed of solid pieces of wood (commonly called slats) to provide support for the mattress in contrast to a standard bed frame that needs an additional box spring before putting on a mattress. A box spring is made up of wood pieces that are curved in frames, with springs to support.

 They are compact in design. platforms are perfect for minimalists and provide an ideal balance between aesthetics and practicality.

How many types of Platform Bed Frames?

metal Platform Bed Frames

A metal platform bed is more long-lasting

Metal is more durable than wood by definition. It is able to live without therapy for long periods of time and has a lower weight limit. A metal bed does not need to be repainted or refinished over time. When compared to hardwood platform bed frames, metal frames survive far longer when you have dogs.

Cats, in particular, have a proclivity for clawing at the timber. Metal screws inside metal frames, on the other hand, reveal the creakiness. A metal screw can be stripped over time by metal-on-metal grinding.

wood Platform Bed Frames

A Solid Wood Platform Bed is fashionable

Wood is a beautiful material with a lot of aesthetic value. It also gives last longer service. Platform beds made of wood are more elegant and less squeaky than those made of metal. You can imagine how inconvenient this is at “fun” times.

Wooden screws must be re-screwed in wood every now and again to ensure a strong bond. You should be fine if you do this every few years. You can reduce creaking by installing a few custom-made struts underneath the central bed support (from your planks). This Zinus platform bed, which is made of timber and does not require a box spring, is a great example of a timber bed.

solid wood Platform Bed Frames

Divan Leather Platform Beds are a better option

Although leather divan beds may be more expensive than wooden or metal platform beds, they are still very affordable. Additionally, the leather protects you from stumbling on your bed or stubbing your toe.

A leather platform bed is a safer option to consider, especially if you have children roaming around. This is an example of the finest divan platform bed based on the price.

What is a platform bed riser?

Do you want to add more storage space beneath your platform bed? A riser would be required for this. Risers are used to extend the distance between the mattress’s bottom and the floor. If you merely want to boost the height of the top of your mattress, acquire a thicker mattress or use a box spring.

It’s also worth noting that risers are only suitable for platform beds with legs. Because the weight of the platform bed is evenly distributed across all of the legs in these circumstances, risers on each leg can be added.

Adding standard risers to a platform bed without legs is not suggested because these platform beds distribute the weight evenly around the perimeter. You may either hire a carpenter to create a specific solution or conduct some quick DIY work yourself.

Is it Possible to Raise a Platform Bed?

Platform beds are typically in a low position to the ground. But, you can easily raise its height using bed risers specifically designed for bed platforms with legs. This is a great example of bed risers that work well for beds with platforms. You can increase the storage space underneath your bed platform by using bed risers. These raise the bed and increase the space between the mattress’s base and the floor.

Be sure to buy bed risers that are able to accommodate the weight of your bed, as well as anyone who is sleeping with you. If you’re skilled, you could make bed risers out of wooden blocks.

How to raise a mattress and make a box spring

A mattress topper can immediately fix both issues if your mattress is either low or too hard. A mattress topper can also raise the height of your mattress and add extra padding. On some e-commerce sites, there’s a mattress topper that will increase your mattress by 4 inches.

Bunkie boards and plywood, as previously noted, can be used to boost the height of box springs by placing them underneath or on top of it. Bunkie boards and plywood can be used in place of a box spring to raise a mattress.

One advantage of raising a mattress with plywood is that you may determine the thickness of the plywood and make your mattress as high as you want it. Replacing a hefty box spring with these relatively thin but sturdy supports will lift your mattress slightly, but not as much as a regular box spring would.

Although using a conventional box spring is the most typical method of lifting a mattress, there are a few alternative options.

To add height to a mattress without a box spring, use a box spring or a mattress topper replacement such as a bunkie board or plywood. You can find additional information in our post about how to use a mattress topper.

How do I make a riser for a platform bed that doesn’t have legs?

To make a 1.5” riser for a platform bed, use 2” x4” planks with some double-stick adhesive. Cut the planks to size, paint them to match your platform bed, and place them beneath your platform.

The double-stick tape will not allow them to move. Dowels can be used as pegs between the frame and timber. Then, laminate the platform perimeter to conceal any joints.

What should you consider when choosing the height of your bed?

Finding the additional height for your bed is critical because sleep is supposed to repair and renew you. Before you rush out to buy a cheap platform and riser bed frame for your new mattress, consider these.

 An adjustable base is a way to simulate weightlessness and provide some relief for back pain To read or watch TV, you can raise your bed.

 You should also consider the materials your bed is made of. There are many types of platform beds. Foam and hybrid mattresses are frequently lighter and easier to lift. Much older innerspring memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, will require additional support from their bed foundation with time, thus bed risers may not be sufficient.

There are several ways to raise the mattress height of a platform bed.

Another option to raise your mattress’s height is by using bed risers. They’re an easy DIY project which is enjoyable and easy and will give you the most comfortable and higher mattress in the final. This is how you can make risers of normal bed frames:

  1. Look for four cubes of lumber that measure 4 to 5 inches. (If you’re unable to locate these in hardware stores, a preferred method is cutting fence posts – found at hardware stores – into four blocks.)
  2. Utilizing a big drill bit to drill half-inch (or three-quarters of an inch) hole through the center in each of the blocks. (Make sure that the hole is big enough to hold the bed frame’s legs. Be aware that some bedspring has wheels; In this instance, you’ll need to uninstall the wheels to fit the post.)
  3. Attach those posts of your bed frame onto your risers!
  4. It is important to note that risers can also be found in plastic. They’re usually less expensive and don’t require drilling. Risers made of plastic aren’t likely to last for long because they’re light.
  5. If you’re willing to invest just a bit, you can consider using metal risers. Bed risers made of steel will support more weight and are recommended for King size beds.
  6. Consider the sizes while choosing metal or plastic risers. Some come in compact stacking parts, allowing you to modify the height and depth of your bed. If the riser isn’t stackable, make a note of how tall it will stand, as you won’t be able to adjust the height after it’s set.

While it isn’t necessary for good sleep (you’ll need a regular mattress for that! ), elevating your mattress will make it easier to get in and out of bed. (Not to mention, it frees up extra storage room beneath the bed!)

What Are the Benefits of Raising Your Bed?

the Benefits of raising your bed

Your foam mattress can provide support for your body while you sleep. However, lifting it with a box spring or stackable bed raisers offers hygienic as well as practical benefits. A taller bed might be the best option for tall people who want to feel more comfortable getting into and out of bed. The appropriate bed height has a direct impact on the flow of the space, therefore it’s crucial not to miss it.

Increasing the height of your bed is a simple and quick way to add more space underneath to your home. Adding a few inches between your bed and the floor creates instant under-bed storage.

Increased Relaxation

Sleeping on a higher bed is often more pleasant. You’ll have improved ventilation because it’s raised, creating room around the mattress, resulting in a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. A raised bed is also easy to get into the bed and get out dependent on your height.

Aesthetic and functional

If you’re looking for a method to freshen up your bedroom, consider lifting your bed off the ground. A new raised bed can change an entire room without any effort or time. A tall bed height can relieve your back pain.


If you are limited in space, raising your bed can help you organize your belongings. So you can save extra space underneath. In a low bed, you can’t do that.

 Bed Risers:

Bed risers are among the most effective ways to boost the height of your adjustable bed since they are easy to access and easy to use and you can pick from a wide range of colors, materials, and height options.

There are three primary kinds of bed risers you can choose from here

Plastic risers are the most popular and are often the easiest to put in. In addition, plastic bed risers are available in a variety of colors which makes it much easier to choose one that fits with the style of your home. But, plastic risers aren’t the most durable of all.

Metal risers provide greater durability and stability than plastic alternatives. Additionally, some risers made of metal come with adjustable height profiles which allow you to adjust your bed height and make it rise or lower at any time you’d like. Metal risers typically are not compatible with different types of bedposts.

Wooden risers are a sturdy option that can bring a stunning appearance to your adjustable bed. There are prefabricated options available or create the riser from scratch.

Risers in a variety of sizes

Risers come in a variety of sizes, so before you buy one, figure out how many inches you’ll need to add the bed height. You can also get stackable or adjustable risers if you’re not sure where you want your bed to sit.

To make your platform bed as light and comfortable as possible, remove the mattress from the platform frame. Allow someone to assist you in lifting the bed so that the risers can be securely attached to the bed’s legs. Then reassemble the bed, add your bed skirt, and relax in your new suspension bed.

Setting up Your Bed Risers on platform bed:

To use bed risers, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to secure the assistance of someone from your family or friends to help you with the setup process. Installation of bed risers requires lifting your platform bed frame, a task that is much safer and simpler with the help of a professional.
  • Then, take your mattress from the bed frame and put it in a safe place.
  • Take one corner off your bed frame, and have your assistance place the riser on top of it, and gently guide the bedpost towards the riser. Check that the frame is securely in its place prior to proceeding.
  • Repeat this procedure for each bedpost and double-check to make sure that the frame beds are securely placed.
  • Reposition your mattress on the frame.
  • Have fun with your brand new elevated bed.

Use a Mattress Topper to Finish Off Your Mattress:

Perhaps you’re not the type of person who really requires the extra storage space under your bed’s foundation. If bed risers sound like too much of a hassle, a mattress topper is a more simple way to raise a memory foam mattress on a simple platform bed.

Make your memory foam mattress a new look by using Casper Mattress Topper. Casper Mattress Topper, which provides an additional layer of soft padding as well as a couple of inches more height. The three layers provide softness and the breathable latex foam that helps keep you cool during your rest, you’ll fall falling asleep to the sound of nine.

Place your bed on wheels

Although they are more difficult than other DIY platforms for raising your bed, wheels can be added to your bed to increase height and flexibility. Having your platform bed frame on wheels might be a major bonus if you want to redecorate and move your bedroom furniture around frequently. It’s also a lot easier to get rid of all those nasty dust bunnies underneath.

By choosing this option, make sure the wheels have easy locking mechanisms. This will keep your bed from moving around as you sleep.

Final verdict

Do you get your solution on how to raise the mattress on a platform bed? I think you get it. And I know you can raise the height of metal platform beds or box spring beds.

Nothing beats decorating, especially when you’re celebrating a special occasion. When you start to raise the mattress directly, it’s essential to figure out how much you want to increase it. Your family member or friend can help you.

So, what are you searching for? Let’s make the bed higher.

If you have done increasing your platform beds, you can share them with us. You can share with your friends if this content helps you.

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