How to store a mattress topper? 6 effective steps

Hey guys, I know you are trying to find some steps to store a mattress topper. Because you know that mattress topper are an excellent alternative to purchasing a whole new mattress. You also realize that a mattress cover can give a good night’s sleep. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate dust and dirt mites.

If you want to healthy sleep, you should follow the storage process. After using or following below, I give you surety that you can properly store memory foam. Really it is easy. I use those steps regularly. And the old topper became the new mattress topper each time.

In this content, I will discuss the best methods on how to store a mattress topper without causing damage. In addition, I’ll go over some tips and strategies for quickly and easily preserving your mattress topper. You also can get knowledge of how long you can store a memory foam mattress topper.

6 simple steps to store a mattress topper:

Do you want to know the secret of storing memory foam mattress toppers? It’s all about how you manage them. By knowing the proper storage tips, you can improve your sleep quality.

ok, let’s go for deep knowledge.

1. Pick the protective storage bag:

Most of the time people face moisture difficulties when they wanna store a mattress topper. So first of all they should select a protective storage bag. Where they store mattress toppers without any tension. The storage bag should have a climate-controlled unit. To protect the mattress pad from dust and debris, they can use a large plastic mattress bag.

Also, you should have a focus on storage bag quality. Using the original packaging your topper came in may sometimes create a decent storage bag. For the store, you can pick protective plastic bags. This protective storage bag protects strongly your cover from dirt or dust mites.

2. Fill a storage bag with the mattress topper:

First of all, you notice mattress topper should match with mattress bags. This is important for the store. you can find some best mattress topper bags here. This original bag has come in different sizes & proper storage.

Insert the end of the mattress topper into the bag and drag the bag along the mattress topper’s length until it is completely enclosed. Ask for assistance with this step if the mattress topper is too large and heavy.

Tape the bag shut tightly to prevent air from escaping. Fold over the plastic and fix it with tape in the event that your mattress bag happens to be bigger than the mattress. Some plastic mattress topper packs are resealable, eliminating the need for tape.

The valve of the vacuum in the bag’s opening draws air from the bag and compresses the top so that it is smaller in size when using a storage bag made of vacuum. The pull-away pod on this vacuum makes it easy to place the hose on a vacuum bag and instantly release the air for convenient storage.

3. Clean it neatly before Inserted:

Before storing you have to be sure first your bed protector is neat and clean. If it is not doing molding can attack your topper. It also can harm your mattress topper. So you never store it with dirt or stains. You can make use of your washing machine to get rid of most bedding. You also create a dry and cool environment. The clean storage unit is one of the important factors to store your mattress topper.

Take off all bedding such as pillows, cushions sheets, blankets, and pillows placed over the topper for your mattress. Eliminate any extra mattress pads or protectors you may have. This will make rolling up the mattress topper much easier. We love these storage bags for bedding for storage of things that aren’t used.

4. Rolled up before storing:

After your topper is clean you have to roll it. You have to always avoid folding because folding give too much pressure on things. This step can be damage your topper. Because toppers are built-in delicate material. After rolling it perfectly, It’s time to store it in a good storage bag for proper protection.

5. Controlling the Climate:

It is recommended that you keep your mattress cover in a climate-controlled environment, such as storage units. Temperature and humidity protection is installed in these areas to keep them dry and cool all year, minimizing the chances of mold and mildew expansion.

If you’re going to keep your topper at home, make sure it’s in a completely dry, moisture-free location like a bedroom closet. In general, storing your protector in a basement or upper floor is not a good idea because these environments are moist and humid.

6. Seal or Vacuum it:

After rolling up your mattress topper in a plastic storage bag. You have to be sure their vacuum seal is properly. Because vacuum-sealed bags doesn’t affect by any mold or mildew.

Most of the original bag comes in a vacuum cleaner. You can easily clean your mattress by using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum sealed bags are always preferable but it is not necessary things. If your choice is a regular mattress bag instead of a vacuum bag, you have to use mild liquid detergent. & roll it securely also use heavy-duty duct tape for protecting your bags from dust or dirt.

Use a bag designed for carrying and storing mattresses to safeguard it. It may be a little larger, but it will work. You can also use a vacuum-sealed bag that comes with the mattress cover. Foam mattress toppers are normally delivered compressed in a vacuum-sealed bag. Reuse the original bag if you can find it.

Is it important to update a mattress cover on a regular basis?

Foam mattress toppers have a limited lifetime than mattresses since they are thinner. They can endure up to five years if properly cared for. As a result, you must exercise caution when using them or storing foam for an extended period of time. Wear and tear, as well as persistent bad odors, are factors to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a new mattress topper.

If you notice evidence of the foam material losing out, or if there are any holes or tears, you should replace your mattress topper. These things can happen over time as a result of normal use, and the topper will eventually stop serving its original purpose.

If you notice any symptoms of mold or mildew on your topper, remove it right once to keep it from spreading to your mattress and linens. Mold and mildew can have a severe impact on your sleep and general health.

How Far Can a Mattress Topper Stored?

You should remove the mattress cover within 6-7 months. Because it allows to dry out and expand, preventing huge plumps and cracks from forming. The weight placed on the topper, as well as the frequency with which it is used, can influence how long the topper will stay beneficial.

However, most mattress pads are good enough to remain squeezed for longer durations. They are made to combat stress. And if the crevices build upon the mattress topper as it is being stored. They will vanish over a period of time after the protector is inflated.

Air dry

It’s critical to dry your mattress topper properly if you want to keep it in good shape. Mold and mildew will grow on it if there is any moisture on it, reducing its lifespan. It takes some time for a foam mattress to completely dry.

Storing mattress toppers in a well-ventilated place is one of the simplest ways to speed up the drying process. You can also expose it to direct sunshine in the morning for up to 40 minutes. When working with delicate materials like foam, air-drying in the sun is suggested.

What Is the Best Way to Store a Mattress Topper in a Plastic Bag?

When you’ve removed the topper from the mattress make sure you roll it up before you place it inside the bag. You may also take off the mattress cover it is fitted with one, and when it’s removable, keep it in a different bag.

Use ratchet straps or tie-down straps for securing the mattress topper once you have rolled it up. They’re not costly, and they will give you something to hold onto as you pick up the topper for the bag.

They’ll ensure that everything remains in its spot regardless of whether the bag or vacuum seal fails to hold up.

Additionally, if you determine to use a standard mattress bag in place of the vacuum bag sealed with a seal You can also use sealing it with tape. Select one that isn’t too slightly sticky, but not overly in the way.

It should be sufficient in quality to hold, However, It shouldn’t be excessively sticky because this can make the unwrapping of the topper ridiculous and could damage the plastic storage bag.

Connect the vacuum hose to the vacuum storage bag’s valve should you decide to utilize vacuum seal bags specifically designed for your needs or connect the hose into the opening into bags.

After the vacuum cleaner has sucked out all gas from the plastic bag take the hose off, then twist the bag, and then apply an adhesive to secure it and stop preventing fresh air from returning into it.

Can I use Saran Wrap to wrap my mattress topper?

Yes, you definitely can! If you do decide to wrap the topper in the saran protective wrapping be sure to wrap it up after rolling it up. The saran wrap can help to compress the mattress and make sure it doesn’t require much space to store.

But, saran wrap could result in some moisture accumulation. So, make sure you store it in a cool and dry place, to stop mold and mildew because of the buildup of moisture. We recommend that you combine the saran wrap and the plastic storage bag.

Is It Necessary To Allow A Mattress Topper To Air Out?

It’s best if you let your mattress topper air out completely before putting it to use. This is true for fresh mattress toppers as well as those that were stored for a long period. After the memory foam has fully expanded, you can store it in a contained place and use it.

Before you use your mattress protectors, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It could be as little as an hour or even a day later. Off-gassing should be aided by airing it out, allowing the odor to evaporate fast.

Once the mattress topper has stopped off-gassing and attained its specified proportions, it should be prepared to use.

Final thought

What do think now? Can you store a memory foam mattress topper? I know you will do it and enjoy a restful sleep. If you can maintain a mattress pad, it gives you many benefits.

Knowing how to preserve a mattress topper can also keep dirt, insects away and reduce mildew growth. Toppers of good quality can endure for up to five years. So you need to be aware of replacing from mattress pad. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your health. I heard about it from one medical professional.

You should be wise to store a mattress topper. Don’t do just anything. A high-quality mattress topper can be the very first move towards many years of peace and relaxation. So you should take care when you store your mattress topper.

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