What Is A Mattress Pad? – Every Single Detail Explained


After a long tiring day, we all seek comfort in one place and that place is our bed. So, it’s better to invest in a better quality mattress where you can leave all your stress and have a goodnight tight sleep with comfort.

However, a mattress comes with some essentials like a mattress pad, mattress cover, or mattress protector. These essentials are very necessary to keep your mattress stain-free, fresh, odorless, and save your money! So, today we will talk about a very essential thing, “mattress pad”.

Besides protecting a mattress, a mattress protector also protects you from dust, allergies attracted to the mattress. Plus, it secures you into a very refreshing sleep. We will know all details about a mattress pad, the types, and how you can choose your type from the versatility. So, let’s break out everything abut a mattress pad!

What Is A Mattress Pad?

A mattress pad is an accessory that helps to keep your mattress preserved, fresh, neat, and in shape. Plus, it also adds an extra comfort layer to the mattress. To upgrade your sleeping surface, there is no compatibility with a mattress pad.

Don’t confuse yourself with a mattress pad and mattress topper. Let me clear both of these things. The mattress pad is a defensive shield on the mattress and a very thin layer. Mattress pad works to protect the mattress from dust, spilling any food or drink, or allergies. Mattress pad also serves to provide comfort and softness, but that’s not the main purpose to have a mattress pad.

However, a mattress topper is made to provide extra softness and fluffiness with your mattress. So, both have a different purpose, so don’t mix these two. The mattress pad makes the mattress last longer by preventing dirt, sweat, stains, or dust from getting into the mattress. The mattress pad has an elastic band at the edges to keep the mattress in hold with the pad. Plus, the mattress pad is very simple to wash and clean.

Types of Mattress Pad

There are a couple of valid reasons for what you need to own a mattress pad. It not only provides your mattress protection but also you. Your mattress attracts dust, allergens, bugs, and dirt which can trigger your health issues. So, a mattress pad always keeps you protected and also the mattress.

Therefore, you will find various types of mattress pads in the market or browser. So, to give you precise ideas, here are the descriptions of mattress pads. Here you go-

Mattress Materials Options

1. Wool

Wool is one of the best materials for mattress pads because of its moisture-absorbance and preventing of heat from building up. Wool is the natural barrier from cold or heat and it’s used in many mattress toppers, cover, or pad. With the fluffy wools, the pad feels cozier and comfortable.

2. Feathers

Feathers come primarily from ducks or gooses. Just like the wool, the feather mattress pad also has cozy and plush feelings. It feels super softer and comfortable to touch.

Those people who accidentally bought any rough mattress can use feather mattress pads to make it softer, fluffy, and plushy. As, the feather is breathable, so it can pass the air very easily, so there won’t be any heat building up.

3. Cotton

From the name, we can picture a cotton mattress pad. Thin, soft, comfortable, breathable, and easily washable. The cotton mattress pad is often used for regular usage as they are comfortable, protects the mattress, and is washable too. These have elastic bands at the edges to keep the mass secure hold. It’s not so plushy or fluffy like wool or feather, but it’s smooth in texture and cotton is well-known for durability.

4. Memory Foam

A high-quality and desirable super soft foam material is memory foam. It’s used to make not only mattress pads, but also mattress, mattress topper, and mattress cover, and mattress protectors. Memory foam is a gel foam that detects your body temperature and allows the pad to feel warmer or colder for your comfort. memory foam mattress toppers mold with the body within a few seconds and make the perfect temperature as you want automatically.

5. Polyester

One of the most affordable materials among these all. Polyester is naturally hypoallergenic and super long-lasting. Polyester is comfortable, smooth, and washable in hand or machines.

6. Natural Latex

I prefer a latex mattress pad the most. Latex is obtained from rubber trees which are the most organic material without harming the tree. Plus, if well taken care of, latex material can last longer than ten years. Natural latex mattress pads come in latex core inside and cotton/wool cover outside.

It’s quite expensive, but thinking about the long-time service, it’s safe to invest in it. Most importantly, latex doesn’t attract dust, allergies, or bed bugs which means it’s naturally hypoallergenic.

Mattress Pads for Security

Mattress pads are mainly used for protecting the mattress from bed bugs, dirt, sweats, stains, or spilling drinks and foods. Mattress pads are generally 1-2inches thick, so without adding an extra layer, it keeps the mattress fit and tidy.

Mattress Pad for Comfort

Though mattress pads aren’t built to support your sleeping session, yet many cushioned pads can help you to feel comfortable. There are different thickness levels, you should choose carefully what you desire. Those mattress pads which are built for support, are available in different level of thicknesses, so you have the option to choose one freely..


Waterproof Protection

Those mattress pads which have waterproof protection technology helps to protect the mattress from any stains, accidentally spilling foods or drinks. This technology keeps the mattress safe and neat for extended life.

Heated Mattress Pad

Who doesn’t love a warm cozy bed in winter? A heated mattress pad has the technology to keep the mattress pad heated with 5-7 different heat temperature settings as you desire. The technology can cover a full king-size bed and has an auto-shut system after a certain period. Though it has mechanical technology, the mattress pad is machine washable, super lightweight, comfortable, covers any size bed, and is affordable.

Hypoallergenic Technology

This technology features antibacterial, hypoallergenic fiber to prevent bacterias and odor. Fiber mattress pads also helps to prevent attracting dirt, bugs, and allergies.

Which Type of Mattress Pad You Should Purchase?

Mattress pads have many versatilities and each type is used for each purpose. That’s what makes me quite hard and confusing to purchase or choose a mattress pad. To get the best mattress pad for your comfort and desire, before purchasing you need to consider some priorities. Those conditions are given below –

Material Types

There are different types of mattress pads available considering the material they are designed with. However, you can classify them by considering the benefits of mattress pads of different materials.

Just like, wool and feather, both are derived from animal sources. Wool mattress toppers and feather toppers both are super soft, fluffy, plushy, and soft. Both are breathable and doesn’t trap the heat, so it stays cool in the warm season and warm in cool seasons. Wool is given priority for its natural temperature regulation. That’s why it feels comfortable in both summer and winter.

Cotton is the most popular choice among users for its long-lasting service and smooth texture. The softness, firmness, and performance of cotton are mind-blowing and what is the plus point is, it’s washable in both hands and machines. Moreover, cotton mattress pads are quite affordable and it’s organic. Finally, fiber mattress pads are also great to keep you safe from any allergic reactions.

Polyester is also popular like cotton, but it’s not as durable as cotton. Polyester is softer and smoother than cotton and it feels very softer on the mattress surface. Plus, polyester pads are quite inexpensive too. This material is very easy to clean and wash. Polyester is also breathable, but it’s not as breathable as cotton. Polyester also absorbs water and is moist.

Memory gel is one of the most highly desirable and expensive materials of all. The gel foam gives a soothing cooling effect on the mattress surface which helps sound and deep sleep for the user. It has barely any drawbacks. However, this memory gel automatically detects the body temperature and makes the mattress pad temperature suitable for the user.

Or like, latex derived from rubber plant. One of the most organic, expensive, popular, and effective mattress pad materials. The latex mattress pad is super sturdy, easy to clean, doesn’t attract any bed bugs, allergies, or dust, keeps the mattress neat and tidy. If the latex mattress pad that gets enough maintenance, it can last longer than 12-13 years.

There are different thickness levels of mattress pads are available. It helps to feel comfortable and softer when you sleep. It makes the mattress fluffier and plushy by adding extra layers to it. Most of the mattress pads are 1-2 inches thick, if you want thicker mattress pads, then check out the thickness level.

Benefits of Using Mattress Pad

As time goes on people are learning to find their comfort zone. As opportunities increase, people are getting more comfort in less time. Mattress pads are a product that helps our customers sleep more comfortably. A mattress pad makes the bed surface soft and supple. Besides, these are budget-friendly and durable. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of mattress pads.

Mattress Protection

Most mattress pads are waterproof. These pads strongly protect any type of liquid from absorption. It depends on the type of material the pad is made of.

Eliminates allergic problems

Many people find that using a normal quilt causes rashes and allergies. But the surface of the mattress pad is technically designed to keep the users safe from seasonal allergies, dust, and rashes.


Undoubtedly, a mattress pad offers more comfort compared to other related tools. So, it will ensure a good night’s sleep. Moreover, there are also many types of cooling mattresses that reduce overheating and make sleep better.

Cleaning process

The method of cleaning the mattress pads is very easy. Both cleaning and dying is easy. Plus, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. As a result, it protects the damage and gives a fresh smell.


Different types of mattresses are available in the market. Some lower prices and some higher prices are available. By considering different facts and judging properly, you can get a mattress pad with many benefits.


Many people think that if you use this type of pad, it will not last long. But it is not. According to mattress quality, there are many pads that last a long time and many things are provided with a warranty.

So, Mattress Pad provides the customer with long-lasting use as well as affordable and many benefits. So it is incredibly expedient for the customer to sleep.

What to Consider While Purchasing a Mattress Pad?

Mattress pads are essential when it comes to sound sleep and all. But for that, some significant steps are to be denoted in the case of purchasing a mattress pad. Without a doubt, mattress pads are really good for bone structure and blood circulation since it helps to take rest and increase blood flow.

Price: When it comes to buying a mattress pad, it comes in different qualities and textures. Usually, it starts from as low as 25$ to 300$ and onwards. But it’s best to invest in an expensive one instead of buying a mattress pad every year.

1. Material

When it comes to customers investing in their projects, they are more likely to use products that may come up with better reviews from customers. As mentioned before, there are plenty of materials for mattress pads. All materials have their effectiveness and designs to serve the users. Now, it’s up to you that what kind of material you prefer for your goodnight’s sleep. You can choose eco-friendly and organic materials for long-lasting results and comfortable sleep.

2. Waterproof

It’s a must for any kind of mattress pad. If you want the shield to defense against liquid spilling, then you must need the mattress pad where waterproof technology is effective. Before buying a waterproof mattress pad, check out the system and descriptions of the layer and technology, that barriers the liquid. Plus if you don’t get your food or drinks on the bed, then a waterproof mattress pad is enough highly necessary. Another way to check if it’s waterproof, check the labels of the layer which may include “made with vinyl or polyurethane.”

3. Thickness

There are different thickness levels of mattress pads are available. A thicker mattress pad is your best chance for increasing the height of your bed. Plus, it helps to feel comfortable and softer when you sleep. Moreover, it makes the mattress fluffier and plushy by adding extra layers to it. A thinner pad is a better fit if you only require waterproofing or a bit of softness.

4. Firmness

Firmness depends on the thickness. Before buying or choosing any mattress pad, take the firmness into account. If the mattress pad is thick, then the whole mattress will feel fluffy and plushy. But, if the mattress pad is thinner, then it won’t be any effect on the fluffiness of the mattress. Plus, for getting a better sleeping experience, thicker pads are always recommended. However, depends on your choice.

5. Cooling Properties

Cooling properties are needed if you live in a warmer country in hot summer weather. Moreover, if you live in a hot environment or tend to sleep overheated, a cooling mattress pad might give extra comfort to your bed. Breathable materials with cooling characteristics is efficient in reducing moisture from the body. So, the comfort cooling system will evaporated.

Another form of textile technology that can improve good temperature management is phase change materials (PCMs). However, keep in mind that sleeping temperature is affected by more than just your mattress pad; sheets, your mattress, blanket, and others

6. Washing

For people who tend to accidentally spill drinks or foods on the bed, them cleaning the mattress pad in hand or the washing machine is a must. Most of the mattress pads are machine washable, that’s a relief, so check the product description for the details of the cleaning process. If it’s able to machine wash and dry, that will be fortunate.

7. Depth

Check out the length and depth of the mattress pad because after you buy the mattress pad, if it doesn’t sit with your mattress, then that will be e complete disaster. So, before purchasing a mattress pad, check out the mattress dimension as well as the mattress pad dimension.

8. Noise

Some mattress pads have a plastic-like construction that can be crinkly and loud at night. As a result, most individuals favor smoother and thinner mattress pads that are described as silent in customer evaluations.

9. Pressure Relief

Consider if thicker mattress pads that significantly alter the feel of the bed would influence the total pressure alleviation that you experience. Also, you should Consider the way the pad will interact with your mattress and how much soft cushion it provides for your considershoulders, hips, neck, lower back, or other pain spots.

10. Price

We don’t want our lovely readers to break their bank account just to buy a mattress pad. So make a flexible budget and check out that all your necessary features will be in that mattress pad. When it comes the fact, purchasing a mattress pad, it comes in different qualities and textures. Usually, it starts from as low as 25$ to 300$ and onwards. But it’s best to invest in an expensive one instead of buying a mattress pad every year.

Descrived the core difference between a mattress pad, a mattress protector, or a mattress topper?

A mattress pad is comparatively thinner compared to a mattress topper, that is designed primarily to alter the feel of a bed. Mattress pads provide a layer of protection for a mattress, but they do not completely enclose it on all sides like a mattress pad.

Each of these goods fulfills a distinct primary requirement. If you want the best protection from spills and allergies, a mattress encasement is the best option. If you want to make the biggest difference in the feel of your mattress, a topper is a way to go. A mattress pad is a convincing option if you want something in the middle that protects the mattress while very slightly altering its feel.

Can your mattress pads adjust the firmness of your bed?

Many mattress pads have a limited effect on the hardness of a bed, but some mattress protectors, particularly thicker ones made of soft materials like down feathers, may make a bed seem plusher. People who wish to drastically alter the feel of their bed are usually better off using a mattress topper rather than a mattress pad.

The most typical manner for this elastic to be used is to stitch it into the pad’s perimeter. A side panel or skirt can cover the sides of the mattress. Plus, it has elastic in the corners alone that goes around the whole hem. These mattress pads or mimic fitted sheets in this sense.

Should I Change my Current Mattress Pad?

It depends on the current quality of your mattress pad. Generally, you should change it every 3-5 years. However, if you are feeling the old mattress pad uncomfortable and if it gets dirty or noisy frequently, you should change it.

Final Verdict

Mattress pads make very limited changes to your mattress, but still, it’s a very necessary item for protecting the mattress. It changes the firmness of the mattress, makes it softer, fluffy and preserves the mattress. A mattress pad adds extra support, relieves pressure from joints, and avoids allergy problems.

Moreover, if the mattress is waterproof, it makes the mattress long-lasting for an extended period. Plus, if your mattress is worn-out and you are not in the position to change your whole mattress, you can just change the mattress pad and ta-da, you will get almost a new mattress!

I hope, every info I have explained about the mattress pad was helpful for you. If you got any helpful pieces of information from my article, I will be glad. That’s everything for today’s content.

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