Why does my dog suck on blankets

Why does my dog suck on blankets? know the exact reason

Dogs are called the best friend of human mankind for their behavior, intelligence, and never-ending bonds with their owner. But sometimes a dog can suck on blankets.

In some ways, adult dogs are called one of the many smartest animals on earth. It will take some time to grow into an adult dog fully, but they will always shower you with love and care.

Although dogs are loving animals, some of their habits can become a problem for their owner. One of the most observed ones is dog suck on blankets. 

During the winter season, it’s everyone’s wish to stay away from water and mix with the warmth of a nice and comfortable blanket when you will see your loving dog making the blanket wet with its saliva.

Research carried out on the behavior of dog sucking blankets committed to that: Dogs are instinctively attracted towards blankets, toys, or stuffed animals because it reminds them of their comfort in their childhood.

If it’s an issue with dog breeds, I’m happy to tell you that dog breeds have no changes in a dog’s sucking behavior since it is an animal instinct.

Where did this habit come from?

Dog’s behavior can tell us many things about their past since people can easily understand them. Since dog suck on blankets is such a case these days, it can also be explained.

Licking and chewing are common features of dogs. Dog chew on Soft toys or other soft objects such as blankets which often means that they miss the touch of their mother dog.

After birth, the pet parents make most of the effort nourishing their babies, and babies get used to such dog behavior like sucking and chewing by getting used to their mother’s belly. Since dogs were involved in their mother’s fur, it has become an instinct.

To begin with, after a puppy is born, they stay by their mother’s tummy where they get their necessary warmth, and the mother dog can feed them easily.

During this time, nursing is the most necessary thing for a puppy. Some problems arise when the puppy tends to suck things or could lead to anxiousness. It shows consciousness for the puppy’s emotional well-being.

Mother dogs can figure out this, and they offer their dried litter. This is a self-soothing mechanism among puppies to get ease from separation anxiety.

This becomes a habit, and even after a puppy falls asleep, he starts to suck on blankets motion with dog mouth.

Later in their lives, they develop this habit and chew or lick stuff around their house.

What does dog sucking behavior refer to?

Dogs sucking behavior refers to the young puppy being separated from the dog’s mother too early.

Generally, a puppy must spend enough time with its mother after birth, but unfortunately, that’s not the case in most animal breeding centers.

In such a facility, they are bottle-fed instead of mother’s litter which is sad. Some breed even sucks their own body, similar to cats, and such behavior is known as “flank chasing.”

Should you stop the sucking behavior of your loving dogs?

As a dog owner, it is impossible to stop the sucking behavior of your pet; instead, you can replace the things for your dog to suck on blankets. A great example is dog toys. These are a great way to keep your dog busy when you are working and help reduce the destructive behavior of your dogs.

Some toys might be labeled as choking hazards, so buy carefully. They are affordable and help give some company to your loving animals when you are not near. There are also stuffed toys which are comfort suckling toys designed for pets.

As a dog owner, you should pay attention to your dog’s health. Stuffed toys are great for playing as many dogs think they are friends.

Is blanket sucking harmful?

It is common for a dog to suck on blankets even though it has toys to suck on. Blanket sucking is a common gesture used by many dogs around the world. This is just a way for your dog which remind him about her mother’s warmth.

There are no consequences of blanket sucking rather than getting your blanket wet. And developing such behavior is not threatening at all. So if you are okay with your blanket getting wet, it’s completely normal.

How to get rid of a dog suck on blankets?

Since it is a birth habit, it can be hard to get rid of it. This habit was raised when the puppy drank from his mother’s litters. He got used to that warmth and looked for a place like that.

This habit could be better utilized if you buy him some toys to chew on. The habit of chewing and sucking are similar, so this might change his behavior in the long term.

Animal toys and stuffed animals are really common these days. They can be found in any local store and are cheap to buy. Toys can be a source of time pass for your dog so consider buying one.

Easy solutions for a dog suck on blankets

1)Buy pet stuff

The quickest and easiest solution for you is to buy a pet blanket for your dog. They are super comfy and can be found in your local pet shop.

It would be great to purchase a pet bed to sleep on. They are also small beds designed for the best comfort of your dogs. You can find them cheap and have the option to spend a lot if you wish.

But if you are someone who likes to share their bed with your loving pet, then consider buying a separate blanket for your pet.

2)Soft toy

Soft toys are designed for animals to play with, and they can be a great help for you as well. By help, I don’t mean play with them instead of getting the bad habit out of your dog.

Soft toys and stuffed animals are easy to find in your local shops and online at a very reasonable price. They are great things for your dog to chew on and enjoy playing with them.


Training is another method for putting some resistance on your dog suck on blankets through enough exercise. This will also make you understand your dog better and thus improve both of your communication. You will also find out how obedient a dog he is.

2)Environmental issues

The environment can play a significant role in terms of your dog’s behavior. For example, if you already have a dog and decide to adopt a new one, things could turn out easy in a few months. If your older dog doesn’t have the habit of sucking on blankets, your younger puppy will ultimately take up such actions.

That doesn’t mean that your puppy will get rid of his instinct forever, but this could mean that now you have to worry less about the reason you are here.


Why does my dog try to nurse on me?

Dog nursing is the process when the mother dog takes care of her puppies, bringing them close to her. Keeping her puppies warm and feeding them is the most important part of a mother.

Whereas when a dog tries to nurse its owner, it signs that your dog cares greatly about you. Generally, dogs are called the best friend of human beings, and the bond between the owner and dog is never-ending.

If your dog tries to nurse you, then that means he cares for you, and as having such a loving dog, you should take care of your pet as well. It’s two lives helpful to each other.

Why does my dog love his blanket?

From an early age, dogs are fond of their mother’s warmth, and it doesn’t change when they grow up. But their bond doesn’t last for too long. When dogs are raised in a facility rather than in the wild, they are soon separated from their mother and live alone with other puppies or alone in a tiny space.

It could mean that your loving dog is missing that warmth of his mother. So as a pet owner, try to shower him with love so that he can spend the best moments with you.

Why does my dog nurse on stuffed animals?

Nursing on something else, including yourself, could be a sign that your dog cares about things around you.

It also refers to your dog is somewhat missing his mother’s touch. These signs could be common as they help reduce a dog’s anxiety by increasing mental stimulation.

Why suck on blankets?

One of the amazingly cute things as a pet parent that will catch your sight is your cute puppy suckling on blankets. Since childhood, puppies get used to the warmth of their mother’s body, but this comfort doesn’t last too long. They are soon separated by animal breeders, leaving them with separation anxiety.

It is common for dogs to suck on blankets since they find blankets soft and comfortable. Even for adult dogs, these tendencies don’t change.

A quick solution could be to buy some animal toys to stop them from chewing on blankets. Animal toys can be found almost anywhere, including your closest supermarket. They are affordable, so get one for your dog. Even though you have an obedient dog, dogs tend to suck on blankets no matter what.

Why does my new puppy suck on blankets?

Your puppy sucking on blankets could mean that your puppy was separated from its mother too early. This is a common problem seen among new puppies. 

This is a crucial step in the puppy stage in that the puppy gets enough love and affection from its mother before being separated.

You can solve this problem by getting your puppy his first toy to play with. You can find one in your local store, and they are cheap.

Some of them might be labeled choking hazards to check before buying.

It could also mean that he considers it’s his favorite blanket, which is adorable. Why don’t you watch her chew on that blanket and fall asleep?

How to stop my adult dogs who is sucking on blankets?

For a dog to develop sucking behavior is very easy. The quickest way to stop those dog who suck on blankets is to give them a replacement for that blanket.

In this case, try giving him a toy to suck on. You can find lots of animal toys in your local supermarket. They are cheap, and you can save your blanket in this way.

My puppy started sucking on blankets. What can I do to stop that?

To Suck on blankets is a common issue for a dog, and this should not be taken otherwise. This could mean that your adorable puppy was deprived of his mother.

Now he is seeking that warmth, and as its owner, you should shower your cute little puppy with all of your love.

This will surely increase your love for your puppy and build an amazing bond between you two.

Is it okay for my dog to suck on blankets or other objects?

Sucking is one of the habits that a dog takes up after its birth, and it’s completely fine. Instead of worrying about that, you should not put something in front of him which he can swallow easily.

It’s best to buy stuffed animals or toys found in almost any supermarket and cheap. But watch for choking hazard labels carefully before buying one.

You don’t need to worry that since those labels are visible on one backside of toys. So feel free to choose the best one for your puppy.

What is the fastest way to stop my blanket sucker?

There are some ways in which you can solve the dog suck on blankets problem. Read the following to know those:

1)spending on animal toys

Toys are not only meant for playing, but in this case, you can use them to your advantage. If you want to stop your blanket sucker, then get some toys for your dog to chew on.

Toys will attract his attention towards them and leave your blankets dry.


Training can be more rewarding, but it doesn’t happen in one day. Training requires time and effort, which might make you rethink your decision.

Which breed of dogs have the tendency to suck on blankets?

The tendency to suck on blankets is an instinct in the dog kingdom. However, there are some breeds that have seen a higher chance of this habit. For example, breeds like spaniels, Doberman pinschers, border collies, spaniels, and terriers have shown significant signs of blanket suckers. 

Why do adult dogs suck on blankets?

If adult dogs suck on blankets, it could mean that your loving dog is missing her mottler’s touch. It is a type of problem that cannot be solved at the moment, but something you can do is shower your pet with love and affection. 

Dog toys could be a good way to keep your puppy away from your blanket.

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